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User Review

Useful no doubt, can be great - Reviews Redmatica AutoSampler

Hello everyone
I bought the full bundle
I think can be very partial because I do not use it much
no installation problem on Mac as usual. config does not seem to be very complicated but just brings me directly to complaints.
For this sequence no doc in French then obviously we know when we buy it. But then someone on the web to explain a little French. In other words "we démerdons" and I do not much freelancing. How developers in the world and more importantly in Europe, they can not understand the absolute necessity of making high quality translations for software.
To think that developers like Redmatica s'immaginent the Sample Rate of interest only to English speakers on the planet.
Well, for my part with the English docs hang of potash 30 years I'm doing as I can.
If, however, you have sufficient knowledge of pa in English, with MIDI and with the sampling, do not waste your money.
To return to auto sampler I use most, and therefore knows best, I can say that yes it does.
I spent 20 years presde to do samples and loops to the unit, a daunting task (is relative) but sewing handmade.
Autosampler is a change of era, industrialization in a way, it's pretty enjoyable to watch to fend for himself. A huge time saver and loops less intelligent than by hand but good quality when and even without taking the head of course.
I give 8 / 10 because of the doc


Config alu Imac 2.4Ghz 4GB Ram not need a sound card software is behaving very well and been very many updates.
8 / 10


Since two years ago, not tried anything else but I do not think there is the equivalent elsewhere.
What bothers me a bit when using it as the software can not guess whether to record in mono or stereo, or more layeurs how it has has to do to each note, such as a drum kit. But it still allows to side even if we touch a little manual.
As I said earlier in my opinion an adequate translation could greatly improve the productivity of this suite.
I would do this choice? necessarily because of the choice there is none, or else let me know.