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User Review

pyerbass's review - M-Audio Key Rig

RAS on this side


J "got a proper computer and a map M-Audio Audiophile 192. KeyRig I use the keyboard m-audio oxygen 49. The software is very stable and can take the cpu (so much for instruments loaded at once! )


I use the software for a week now and I'm pleasantly surprised. Let's review the modules:

-SP1: stage piano:
it starts badly: for most of the samples are acoustic piano is credible: if the treble sounded more natural, the serious lack of "body", extracts from the official website betray him. this does not preclude some stand out: the upright piano has a wonderful presence. The electric piano are quite usable, it is possible to play "clean" gently hitting the keys, or having a hard strong typing. great work!

little originality ability to mix two sounds: a strange instrument that is used for realism, but a clever mix of sounds not so good can give you a very good piano.

-MS-2: polyphonic synth
Key ratrappe rig is with this module: the sound is really hot and is relatively vintage, the presets are interesting.

good point: each filter is recorded separately: one can mix and a pad with a lead filter, a keyboard amp and a vibrato mod ...

Bad point: it's all adjustable except ... oscillators that operate by loading presets. Too bad ...

MB3: electromagnetic organ
So that's where KeyRig stands! without b4II course also much more basic in its settings but enough, this emulation of Hammond is really nice, very clean, well worth the "digital drawbars" on keyboard workstation. the drive does nothing to distort the sound, unlike a lot of emulation, MIDI assignments easily make it a pleasure to play!

The only regret is not that great chorus, rather turn the knob to the vibrato! and the lack of the "invert drawbars" when trying to assign faders.

GM4: Genaral MIDI module: Again, very nice sounds good, credible in their set! especially for the strings and, as said earlier opinion: which battery!

MFX: a battery of effects applicable to each instrument, very complete and very good!
everything is there: reverb, chorus Fanger, wah, you name it, he even has virtual guitar amp!

-Automation: This is the software that finds its meaning: each module is loaded on a chanel. To be that you have a keyboard that can switch from one chanel to another button, you can imagine the possibility! perfect for live!, plus you can put two modules on the same chanel to create new sounds: best: the split function allows you to spread the modules on different areas of the keyboard!

Let us add to this the fact that all its functions assignable: since the modules are diféfrentes chanels on the knob, which serves to cut off the ms2 will be your drive in the MB3!

- To finish: I think software is perfect when it entered its usefulness as a working tool: call, work, play live with key rig, but if the budget allows, save your piano with the grand2, save your synth with 53 pro, save your organ with B4II, and save your MIDI files with hyper canvas

I think we can say is key to rig vst that specialized workstation keyboard instruments are real: it will never be the same sound quality but at least it does it all!

little trick: the software will cost you 115 euro ... the same software that comes with a 2-octave MIDI keyboard a few knobs and Ableton Live Lite will cost you ... 88 euro! see M-Audio KeyRig 25