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User Review

Indispensable - Reviews Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

Sturdy box.

40 factory and 80 user programs. Each program allows yo to daisy-chain several effects: Dynamic, Pitch Correct, Tone or Special Effect, double/harmony, Delay, Reverb.

One or several effects can be set on or off engaging the pedal on the right.

The looper effect seems all right, but I can't tell you any advantages about it because I don't use it much.

XLR connector, with the possibility to supply 48V to a mic.

It works on batteries or with a PSU. Go with the PSU, it's better ;-)

What I really hate is that you can't save any settings. If it breaks down, you'd better have all written down on paper...


You need to get used to it. There's nothing worse than setting off the looper in the middle of a gig. But once you've spent several hours fine-tuning the settings, there's not much to do.

To browse the menus and settings you use the wheel and two buttons, plus the display (one line, 20 characters). It's pretty annoying.

Personally, I prepare each song on the box, with volume, EQ and, eventually, effects. The same goes for the reverb....which varies with the song. That way, a live performance is more homogeneous, be it a ballad or a more upbeat song, the level of the vocals is always perfectly adjusted in relation to the rest.


There's not much to say regarding the quality of the sound. I'd say it's very clear.

The pitch correct ought to be used sparingly, unless you want to achieve the "young-modern-singer" effect.

The flanger is not deep enough for my taste. When you use this effect it's often to make everything a bit muddier.


I've been using it for two years live and for rehearsals. Right now, it has become indispensable, up to the point that I've considered buying a second one as backup (this kind of gear usually breaks down right before a gig).

The biggest drawback for me is the impossibility to edit on a PC and to make backups. Other than that, it's truly impeccable.