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User Review

Awesome - Reviews Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

Those who say this pedal is worthless don't know what they're talking about:

- Either they didn't read the manual
- Or they don't know how to sing.

Yes, because you need to, at least, know how to sing to use it and you can modify all the effects with the controls.

It's quite intuitive and, in case you have any problems, the manual is very clear.


Sounds can be easily edited, everything runs smoothly.

The built-in Loop pedal could've been a bit more elaborated, but with only two pedals it's obvious that you'll be somewhat limited by the functionalities sometimes.

In fact, live, it's hard to play with harmonies and, at the same time, trigger a loop because you need to push the Loop button with your hand.

But that's anecdotal.


Very good quality.

It sounds really good, even if some harmonies sound a bit metallic in the high end.

Live, it's a real plus.


I've been using it for two years, in the studio to record quick takes and, live with an entire band or with a duo. It's good and beautiful.