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A small jewelry tech !!!! - Reviews TC-Helicon Play Electric

Value For Money : Excellent
Singer / guitarist is little toy will delight some ...

We find all the functions of Voice Live Play classic, with multitudes of effects and options, plus it was built a comprehensive multi effect guitar too, which really helps to create a preset AZ.

Some negative points, I regret that it is not possible to import a model before VLP via the PC editor, for this model, with the same configuration presets, it would have been nice to recover I repeat all manually.

Small, handy, it will delight your Pedalboard because it will significantly reduce, I could delete the entire modulation section (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger etc ...) and the VLP I owned too. ..

For connectivity part, it lacks the Midi part found on the GTX but if you did not have utility, there is all what we need XLR IN / OUT Stereo headphone for work without disturbing jack IN / THRU / OUT for the guitar part to include a Jack Crank SWITCH 3 more or expression pedal, Aux in to work on backingtrack example for all or just play music via MP3 at interludes of your concerts, great for creating a mood. There is very little pedal that offers this possibility, of course the inevitable USB that is now found more on our current pedals.


The Electric VLP is very easy to use, this is one of those strong points as well, there is no complexity, it is intuitive, fast, a button and it's saved in short, a pure joy to me who does not like wasting time to make my presets, I like when it's clear, fast, efficient, and there it is ...


The effects are effective when triturated t a minimum, many presets are too modern for my taste, but that's another debate, if you like the effect, very clean, basic and must make yourself. But found all the effects used for the most part singing: Delay, reverb, chorus, harmony, double, etc ... tranducter for modulation effects, there is nothing to say it is simple, the sound is clean and efficient, on the other hand for both harmony and dual effects, one must have some knowledge to make effective choruses, if it is not good, it will come to you not the VLP, which is very efficient on this point, it's very humanizing Choir bluffing.
In short, if it is set up and you sing especially well is the Jackpot ...
For the effect guitar part, there are also the standarts as delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, brand, they are very effective is not the best either, but you have effective classic. For Disto part sim and I do not like the effects, I think, are not up to some other multi cheap, but it is exploitable to a simple and not too pushed.


I use it recently, but with the classic VLP for 2 years and he gave me satisfaction, I have no hesitation to go to model electric guitar is because I wanted to reduce my pedalboard and when one combines singing and guitar I thought it takes up;) in the notice prior to Hit Guitar option in part, if we add the Switch, + we just select the effect we want to enable or not but add the switch, but it still gives more posibility for Guitar side.
So to give a global view, in my case, I am more than happy because it brought me to the place (remove all my belongings modulations) and my old VLP, efficiency because I lost more time to change my sounds (Vocals / Guitar, it was hell !!!) then click the preset song and in place. I find all this to work Studio, do not forget that you can not use it to catch his studio, I can work correctly using the AUX jack with headphones, in short a joy as ...
In conclusion, you're a guitarist / singer you need a pedalboard / vocals and guitar for multi modulation in repeat / stage / studio with very decent effects, and much will be ...