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User Review

You're not alone! - Reviews TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2

Everything is said in the characteristics in highly relevant opinions already published earlier, I would like to add and specify the following:

Possessing the Harmony G XT is already a beautiful Swiss Army knife, I wanted to try the upper class by buying a used tool because many negative opinions were then carefully. Tip: complicated, gas plant, must have the 747 patent to use it ...
Well no, it is clear that you invest in a toy that is made for pro therefore assist you must give him some attention. If you only need a reverb or delay or both pedals can do so go your way.
You voice, VL2 brings you studio effects that go sublimate (compression, EQ and base effects) and especially, especially the harmony voices.
I develop;


1 - if you just sing and do not deceive you agree it will not betray you, guaranteed!! Be aware of your vocal ability and the opinion of your mom or your girlfriend that you idolater is not enough.
2 - 100 presets let you find forcing effects and harmonies that will please you.
3 - You found interesting presets? then download the manual, it is clear and easy to understand and French. then you go into the preset and you go into the settings to change it to your liking.
Ok good for Dlay we know that this is more complicated because a lot of parameters. Then find the preset with the delay for you and adjust other settings that you noted on another preset!
4 - For the voice is simple, you choose the number of gus who sing with you and tell them how "high" and he will sing more than he can tell them sing louder or softer and if you want the gus is a blonde and what is possible here and with a flick of knob!
You find that the gus finally sing too loud, well hop shot knob and you do all 3 steps back without having to go into each preset. Ditto for the effects.
Warning, you put more votes you must be linear in accuracy. CHOIR try or you are assisted by a group of singers spread in all the harmonies and you will understand effect.

Want a tip: be sure when you sing, if your voice is shy, you gus will be too.

The highlight of this tool is that you have a footswitch to activate / deactivate effects and harmonies whenever you want. It is written in large over mushrooms and more active when it is light. In each preset you can add levels that allow you to group your belongings:

I take Time of pink Floyd and well in the preset that I programmed, I have 3 levels.
1 - Delay + Reverb verses - singing Gilmour
2 - Delay + Reverb + Chorus + my voice dubbed - when Rick Wright sings
3 - delay + reverb + 1 harmonized voice above me when Gilmour and Wright sing together

I do not use the key instead of harmony singing because I always accompanying me on the guitar so the VL2 adapts to each of my agreement without my program nothing more.


As regards the sound quality is of clear. no difference with or without the VL2 out into the sound.
I use a condenser microphone Shure Beta 87A scene (forget SM58 is another age) and I leave in 2 L2 Bose stereo systems ... happiness, it seems to sing in a hi-fi
I make a recovery group on acoustic pop / rock 70 '- with almost a different preset for each track with my VL2


Well I have said enough on the basics that I summarized succinctly. Now you're alone, the sound engineer and the singers are there to support you in live performance.
Sing well and confident and the rest will follow.