I'm on the market for a couple guitar pedals. I was particularly interested in the Ditto X2 and the Flashback delay pedals, both by TC electronic. I'm also interested in (though not as much) the Hall of Fame Reverb (also TC).

I found out recently that the Voicelive 3 pretty much incorporates all 3 within the device (except for maybe the reverse looping option on the ditto x2), and also has amazing vocal capabilities. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with the Voicelive 3 from a guitar standpoint (as it's clearly impressive on the vocal front)?

I have a chance to get a brand new voicelive 3 for $399, which is pretty much how much the ditto x2, flashback and hall of fame would cost together, alone. But do they really sound exactly the same? Can this really replace a pedalboard (provided I already have a distortion pedal that I'm happy with)?