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User Review

Top notch - Reviews TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3

This is in fact a three machines, each having its own processor:
- 1 multi-effects voice, harmony, doubling, delay, reverb, HardTune, transducer, synth, modulation, choir, stutter.
- 1 multi-effects guitar, both electric and acoustic (Amp
- 1 looper 45mn on 3 tracks, unlimited overdubs

No missing parameter on each effect, eg true compressor (5 settings), 3-band parametric EQ pre-gain parametric eq + 3 post-gain bands. Each effect is fully editable on the pedal, on the other hand there is not (yet) software publisher and it lacks a bit but I think it is in the pipeline and soon. VoiceSupport free software manages the positioning of presets in banks, but does not allow access to their content. It also allows updates and download new presets on internet

- Guitar input jack 6.35
- 1 microphone XLR / jack combo (the machine generates 48v for static)
- 1 XLR monitor console for the return of other musicians along with his own headphone adjustment, all mixed in the pedal ...
- 1 Aux input jack for CD 3.5, Iphone, etc. (the harmonies can be controlled by guitar chords as well as any other incoming source, synths, CD, surround sound, etc.).
- 1 XLR L (mono) for voice + harmony
- 1 XLR R for guitar or voice + harmonies in stereo (so no need for DI guitar)
- 1 6.35 jack for optional pedal (remember that all switches pedal and the pedal are configurable and assignable at will)
- 1 6.35 jack for an expression pedal
- 2 USB ports for computer connection and updates
- 2 outputs 6.35 for the guitar amp to a mono or stereo
- 1 XLR Thru monitor to replenish another monitor with the same console back.
- 1 headphone jack 3.5, which can power ear monitors with all returns musicians mixed with his own voice / guitar back.
- 1 + 1 midi in midi out


It turns out that I am a musician (guitarist / vocalist) and also sound engineer, so that I know exactly what I want and how to get it. And for that, the machine is perfect, since everything is editable and you can do anything. But for a novice sound is always a bit of a gas plant if you want to go into the presets, although we can all made to use only the factory presets that are very well made, many (250 + plants 250 users) and categorized by genre and favorites, which greatly facilitates their access.

The manual is not badly done, although it does not always go into details, but it would amount to learn the craft of sound engineer, so there are things nested in this area.

Parameter editing is done easily with the large toothed wheel and the other 4 buttons notched too. As against the greenhouse effect in the passageway is preset with two arrows which touch the finger must be placed precisely, which is sometimes a little irritating.


There are in this pedal almost all the effects TC-Electronic, not just their imitation. The reverbs are many wonderful, very precise delays (there is even the famous TC 2290!), Etc. Everything is really good and totally editable and configurable to his own taste.

I used to voice a Neumann KMS 105, which loses none of its accuracy through the pedals. Plus: when the effects are mute, everything is cut except the voice which can adjust the level to talk to the public while they silently gives his guitar and we sailed in presets. Very, very helpful, without soundman.

I only use acoustic guitars (3-4 stage) that I go through a line-mixer for summing in the single guitar input (a folk DB dreadnaught (Fishman), a folk jumbo DB (Fishman), a Flamenco Alhambra ((Fishman Prefix ProBlend), a classic Alhambra (Fishman).) Each of these guitars is between 2,000 and 4,000 euros and it would have been silly to rot with a pedal sound for which I spent so much money. This is the first time I find a multi-effect Acoustic guitar that not only respects the sound, but also embellishes (especially since I'm really demanding it).

A major interest for me and not the least is to pass me Mixer for my solo concerts in small room as I go directly to the pedal back in HK speakers. The entire mix is ​​in the machine (and its levels of voice, harmonies, guitars, back, mute, etc.)


I've had 3 weeks and have used 2 times on stage, time to tame the beast.

I tried pedals ART, ZOOM, OBERHEIM and none has ever happened to the ankle Voicelive.

What I like most: quality TC effects, of course, but also the fact that nothing is missing and it has greatly relieved my back sound equipment. It was obviously made by musicians for musicians.

What I like least: the lack of editing software presets. Being very, very demanding, go, a small fourth parametric EQ band to reach nirvana.

€ 700 for all pedals TC + 1 real looper and a console and a rack of effects and less, it is almost a gift.

This is certainly one of my best investments