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Warwick Streamer

Warwick Custom Shop Streamer Stage II

Series Warwick

User reviews on Warwick Streamer products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Warwick - Streamer Stage I 4)

By Audiofanzine FR, 15/12/2008
(Originally written by astroperenoel/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
My model was made in 1988 and it is different from recent ones. This 4-string bass guitar with golden hardware was built in Germany.

24 bronze frets, active EMG pickups (HGL Series), active electronics with bypass, volume (push/pull), balance, low and high controls.

Warwick bridge with "3D" settings: even the height of the brass nut is adjustable . You'll need a lot of time to find the perfect setting.

5-piece wenge/maple neck-through-body, wenge fingerboard, 2-piece maple body.

Design by Ned Steinberger, same design as the Spector NS: very slim carved body.

To keep it short: very high-class features!


Very pleasant and fast neck.

Easy access to the upper frets thanks to the widening neck and the cutaway.

Typical Warwick design: slim carved body, well-profiled horns, no sharp edges.

Sound: A BOMB!!! Typical round sound used for funk music!!

Surprising for a Warwick instrument: rather heavy. A padded strap will prevent scoliosis!


Very good sound for every music style demanding a very present bass, like funk and jazz-rock, although the Streamer is a rather versatile model.

To be played with an amp that reproduces the instrument's authentic sound like SWR, Eden, etc...

Neck pickup: big and powerful sound for finger picking.

Balance control in the center position: great sound for slap playing, tapping, harmonics.

Bridge pickup: wonderful aggressive high-end ideal for Jaco-like, high-speed playing and harmonics.

The open strings sound quite round and vintage, and the active electronics are very effective even without mid frequency.

The sustain and the sound character are huge!

In short, this bass guitar has an amazing sound!


I've been using it for 8 years without a single problem. I recommend you to mount an additional active/passive switch to get an even larger sound range and an enormous sound.

Cons: NO cons, only the weight can be a problem...

I haven't had too many instruments but I have tested a lot and I never found another one with the same character, not even from the same brand (Thumb model, Spector NS, etc.)

This ultimate quality has a price, it's normal! But you can also find it secondhand!

It's my main bass guitar. I play it a lot and I like it a lot!

Warwick instruments are not so famous any more since the '95 changes. I don't know how their recent models sound but it's hard to imagine that they are bad...

Warwick Streamer LX (Warwick - Streamer LX 6)

By MGR/Winston Payne, 03/07/2004
This bass just felt right in my hands the first time I picked it up at the Guitar Center. It was love at first playing. This how a bass is supposed to feel in your hands. I was looking for a P/J pickup combination. This bass has it. I paid $1000

The tone is awsome. The MEC pickups sound great. The flamed maple body, ovankol neck, and wenge fingerboard are beautiful and add to the awsome tone. The bridge adjusts in three directions, height, spacing and length. The nut height is adjustable. The control cover and truss rod cover can be removed without tools.

The adjustable nut has a somewhat sharp edge that I have banged my hand on a few times slidding down to the first fret. It's not sharp enough to break skin, but you will feel it. I've been meaning to file it down, but haven't gotten around to it. The placement of the volume and pickup pan seems backwards to me. The owners manual leaves a lot to be desired. One owners manual covers all Warwick basses. The only explination of the Active/Passive push/pull volume control is "Push/Pull volume control". Once you drain the battery you will figure out that the active setting is with the volume knob in.

The bass is handmade in Germany. The quailty and craftsmanship are beyond compare. Warwicks are the best made basses I've ever played, and I've been playing for over 20 years.

The pros play Warwicks for a reason. You can have my Warwick when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. I love this bass.

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The bomb! (Warwick - Streamer Stage I 5)

By bassmanklm, 09/10/2014
Low made in 2005 in Germany, 24 frets put on a striped ebony fingerboard, neck-through in several strips of maple and other wood (edit). The wings of the body are also maple.
Standard pitch for low: 34 inches.

Warwick bridge into two parts, adjustable in all directions (height of the block and strings individually, of course intonation and string spacing). The two troublesome points of the bridge are: 1 when winding the rope around the mechanics, the ball tends to make the trunk of the slot, and 2 must be careful in pulling the strings, because the housing which should put the ball is rather narrow. I think the latter has been corrected on the new models.

The Streamer Stage I, 5-string, is equipped with two microphones MEC soapbar type, which feed a preamp MEC three bands. So there is 3 knobs (bass-midrange-treble) and a double (micro scale down, volume up) the top button disables the equalizer when pulled.


The handle is very nice. Really wide (Broadneck, as they say in WW, about 47 mm Nut) with the spacing of the strings at the bridge set as a 4 string (about 20 mm), and pretty flat. So this brings me to width down a little note.

The interface is also very good. My bass must weigh within 4.5 kg, which is ok for a 5 string. The shape of the bass allows him not too "nosedive".

Access to acute is very good, with the body that joins the handle higher than the twentieth fret, do not worry to go play notes that hinder guitarists!

And as regards the sound, I think I'm not far from nirvana when I have my coffee in hand.


Sounds right for my style of music (pop-rock, like everyone else ...). I find it hard to bury me in the mix with this instrument. I play in a group on my stack MarkBass (LM250 Traveler121H +), with a Zoom B3 multi-effects (effects used: at times, the hair in sound with distortion, and at other times, bubbles with a envelop filter) . I usually leave everything flat on the amp, and I adjust to match the song on the equalizer bass, or simply with the position of my right hand.

One can spend a large and well wrapped, full bass at a very growling sound, a few turns of knobs.

No sound that I hate, I love all the sounds out me this bass.


I bought this bass there eight months, this is my fifth bass. Before this, I had some time a Sandberg PM5, a Bongo 5HH, and a Squier VM JB. And I still have my first, Peavey Grind Bass 5 Vietnamese.

I think this is the best bass I have ever owned; what I like most about this wonderful instrument, it gives me the desire to improve. What I like least is its extra large handle ... but we made it. The value is in my opinion "pretty bad" in the sense that it is a very good bass, but definitely overpriced nine. On occasion as I had, the value is greatly improved, although the instrument is expensive.

With experience, I would avoid the detours probably Sandberg and Musicman, and I would take this low phew directly.

chprout's review (Warwick - Streamer $$ 5)

By chprout, 28/02/2009
Golden hardware of incomparable beauty


Easy to use,
This is my 1st 5-String Bass and I have not encountered any problems to make me ^^
(on the other hand, small hand refrain)


A big sound from home WARWICK !!!
Additional flexibility in both the slap for a good Metallica!


Warwick Streamer $$ - 5cordes is an excellent bass for a good level of bass player.
I use this bass with a Hartke 250W head and a cabinet of the same mark 15 "and the sound takes my breath away every time I touch the handle to the touch so perfect!

News Warwick Streamer

The Warwick Streamer CV bass now with 5 strings

Published on 06/26/15
Warwick announces the availability of the 5-string version of its Streamer CV electric bass, a model that had been introduced at NAMM last January.