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yoTrakkz's review (YAS-275)

By yoTrakkz, 03/09/2011
The Yamaha Alto YAS275 sax is the base lower end model of the Yamaha alto sax line that they have come out with. This is pretty much what you call the young person sax or the student sax. A lot of younger kids in middle school and when they first start out in band start with using this sax. But since it’s the base model many people tend to think that it lacks playability or that it’s a weaker model and that isn’t true at all. The Yamaha Alto YSS275 when played sounds like a top of the line alto sax. Its sound is one of a kind and for the price of this sax you can beat it.
Almost all school systems have an option with a musical instrument company that you can rent or purchase this sax. So keep an eye out for the brand name because if a you are looking for a sax this model / brand will come up in the conversation this model has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for a long time with the quality that it produces. With the Yamaha YAS275 being played in Eb and coming in a gold finish you just cant beat it. Most of them when you purchase or rent will come with a solid case as well that will protect your instrument from any damage. You can also purchase your own mouthpiece to go with it, but if you’re a beginner make sure you get a beginners mouth piece so you will be able to understand the instrument and learn to play. Overall the Yamaha YAS275 is a great instrument and a great buy at an affordable price that any parent, musician or student can afford. There are no other models buy Yamaha that are cheaper in price but great in quality!

Yamaha Silent Brass review (Silent Brass SB7X)

By SpiralShaper, 03/06/2015
I bought the Trumpet Silent Brass system in 2003-4. This may not be the same model as the SB7X. The Silent Brass system provides a mute on the projecting qualities of the trumpet. As a practice tool, the Silent Brass is nifty for late practice sessions, apartment dwellers, and last minute hotel preparation.

I only have used my Silent Brass system a few times. The amplifier/headphone setup is pretty cool if you're into that. I used it during late hour practice at our condo, usually just for chop exercises. The model I owned was somewhat "dense" and despite claiming a natural feel, often still felt like the backpressure of a mute.

I give the Silent Brass system 3/5 for personal experience. It's useful if you have the need, not extremely so without. If the SB7X has done away with the tight airflow problem, it earns an automatic 4th star for ingenuity.

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