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User Review

UFO SIGN ALESIS - Reviews Alesis Fusion 6HD

The first time I saw the Alesis Fusion I was struck by its futuristic look, compared to other Workstation, I immediately said that this bike was something different ... a kind of UFO in the world of Tritons, patterns or other Fantom ... well I did was not wrong.

At first glance, what is striking is its very compact but very particular lines a little retro design, it pleases and it pleases not sure but it does not leave you indifferent.
I will not dwell on the already very technical reviews provided by other data, but I would summarize by saying that this is a 61-note workstation with aftertouch, weighted and slightly smaller than other keyboards I had more than 600sons factory besides additional banks to immediately download and save to your fusion. Integrated hard drive, all imaginable outputs Maximum polyphony, 4 types of synthesis, built-in sequencer ... well seen as it is shielded in any sense ... enough bourin and American my faith.


Although this synth is a little gas plant, Regarding simple operations (edtions, sequencing, combis ...) the general configuration of the Fusion is not as tedious as I have read before the buy. Indeed, the grip is correct without being intuitive either ... but having started with a Yamaha Motif ES6 and textbook ... I did not lost with the Fusion. Against browsing by the OS we perceive that this workstation enormous editing capabilities and settings but the manual in English is too simplistic to be able to exploit all, notament in the sequencer which I think adds nothing machine if it is only to bugger the OS .. it's a shame because it gives vraimment want to study for ENTERING correctly ... but programmers OS would really bet on a more stable OS, as the shield in settings, which eventually complexiser machine ... it's a pity because there is a hard and indicates integrated vraimment can enjoy ... let's talk about hard disk, the most annoying thing is that the more one delves into the vastness of the fusion sounds more must turn the dial and wait for loading sounds ... will have to be patient I tell you!

Another black namely absolutely for future fusionautes point is that this workstation is falsely malgrès its robust metal housing ... in effect one month after receiving it, I have a resistance that is overheated at the map screen, nothing serious, just a resistance to change. This is in part due to lack of ventilation merger and inefficient fan, even a design error. I Enjoy to thank DEWEAK and audiofanzine forum saved me a heart attack ... and a vacuum!


After a few disappointments go to main interest of buying this machine in my opinion, are the Sounds:

I'll start with the acoustic sounds basic because they are not terrible. Indeed, the strings are not great (I know little synth who apart Roland), acoustic and electric pianos are not catastrophic but exceeded over what is done today, especially when we see a Korg Kronos or SV1. Wind instruments on them are alot more successful. For additional downloadable and acoustic sonorities, they are just bluffing and one understands why these banks there were proposed following ... to rectify the situation! Kits for bateries there than in any workstation ... even if Kit Neo Soul or Soul missing.

Then comes the heavy heavy at all electros sounds (PADS, LEAD SYNTH ....) is the reason I am melting today. Sounds may beings as metallic, cold, cristalins but also profound, powerful, round, short grass ... I who had a very good Yamaha Motif, Korg Trinity, M50, R3, MOOG ... I have the seem to have it all together in one bike ... and it is not finished with 4 pots and its subcategories modeling is so easy a bit like a R3 ... What strikes recess is this different side in the sounds and beans sounds which gives inspiration and the desire to spend time tweaking Sample Types ... maybe more than other bikes Korg, Yamaha sound directly so that makes a bit lazy in publishing.

It is also possbile sampler. Finally connected to a PC it is possible to import sounds, convert them to the fusion and magic ... we can therefore personnalier at will. In any case when you have no budget for MOOG, PROPHET, JUPITER OR VIRUS ... or want to stack the bikes ... the merger proves to be a good compromise ...


Because in the end ... this bike is more of a synth or an unfinished Workstation, call fusion as you want, I've found its use in addition to a Korg Triton EXTREME 88.
What is certain is that it is not intended for beginners in the world of workstation. it makes me think a little about Linux versus PC or MAC ... it's off track guys! ... but malgrès all these defects (sequencer, OS, loading sounds, fragile ...) related to misjudgment specifications designers ... those who have a fusion guard and even if he did not do well commercially, it is very hard to find in Cygnus ... it may be that something special this little guy is not what we want or we are looking for in the end? ... anyway all those who have had or have a Fusion say the same thing ... "I feel different with this bike" and it goes to the sounds of the desing. Anyway for the price it costs today ... it is given as this machine is well known, underestimated, listed under ... and perhaps ultimately to the delight of those who has one.