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User Review

neomad's review - Alesis Fusion 6HD

The keyboard is pleasant (I like Fatar). A well stocked level of controllers: four pots, a jog wheel, 2 button sw, 4 struts Sups. Modulation and pitchbend retro flash! Moog type bomb.
2 audio in + 8 audio sampler for multitrack recording in.
2 + 2 audio out to audio
Sounds: as you want! 80 GB hard disc!
Sequencer: I do not like the. Lineal only, but not the top.


Difficult to begin with, but after a while, a poem ... possibilities are simply enormous, infinite. 4 types of synthesis ...
Against, the manual sucks!


Sounds, just the sound ... superb. The effects are not bad (although Alesis). The expressive keyboard (velocity, aftertouch, etc.)..


 I have used it for 2 years... and I am seeking a 2nd cheap!
The possibility of the beast!
Unbeatable value for price (must pick an Oasys!)