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User Review

Cripur's review - Alesis Fusion 6HD

The keyboard is trs enjoyable, flexible and superbly rpondant the game is THE FIRST thing that struck me by putting his hands on it. Playing the piano is a real pleasure.
It has 4 large knobs that allow endless change during his performance the filter (cut-off, rsonnance ,..), the equalizer, the arpgiateur (tempo, note duration, etc. ...) and 4 paramtres dfinissables freely. In short, it's like having 16 knobs door hand. Moreover, as they are ProMinent, the maneuver is reached with your fingertips while keeping an agreement.
The pitch bend and modulation of light and change light intensity according to their value. This gadget can do, but if we play in the pnombre is very practical. I see these prfr wheels on the left of the keyboard to be easier ACCS.
The buttons are a bit plastic, it's true, but they do not look fragile. The knobs are trs Prominent, prompting caution in transporting the instrument.
3 pedals can be connected.


The abundance of features that at first turned the synth a little gas plant. When first switched on, I'm stuck on a message asking me to enter the date and time, until I m'aperoive ct that each of the notch are button.
Discoveries of the possibility of the merger is not it. We first sailed easily into the program mode from the sounds.
Mode "Mix" is tame quickly, since it is the true mode of performance, with the possibility to assign the keyboard instruments simultanment 16 in layer or split zones dfinissables freely. No need to proccuper of polyphony which is standard!
The ergonomics of the operating system is not so horrible that we have read. Navigation through the menus is easy. ACCS was quickly synthse, effects, etc ... With one click we create a mix or a song.
The manual is not great. This is not the fact that it is in English which I ESG, but the fact that he is satisfied with the numrer DIFFERENT DIFFERENT paramtres in menus that can be change. Little or no examples, no effort of learning. If the manual is sufficient for handling functions Elementals, to go further it must go through the tutorials (in English or translated nicely Deweak). If you are like me your in synthse beginners, I recommend the excellent tutorial on synthse VA.


THE FIRST thing to do is sitt gear dballe Hollowsun load sounds from the Alesis website, as well as 18 freepacks gratuitemement available on the site hollowsun.
We then have a large mass of sound.
The piano sounds are good trs, much more expressive than my arranger. There is also a wide range of organs and guitars. There are trs good acoustic sound, some are excellent same (the flutes are gorgeous) and I agree compltement. I deprecated nanmoins buying a Fusion for a musician wanting to use only classical sounds. It is not the purpose of this instrument.
Electronic sounds are extremely many, a wide range of basses, leads, and ground effects. Hollowsun with banks, the catalog is endless. Found with surprise the samples of legendary synths, including Vangelis CS-80, the eminence of Jarre, many sounds "Moog". Hollowsun banks are fabulous, the samples of synths trs expressive enchant crateurs electronic music.
The four modules synthse (VA, FM, physical modlisation, besides the well sampling sr) DCID me for this instrument which is anything but a simple reader sample. They are not to the course list SPECIFICATIONS. For example, synthse modlisation analog oscilloscope offers 3, 8 LFOs, envelopes 8. Among the presets are many of trs sound from the engine's internal synthse Fusion, including great analog sounds that are among my prfrs.
Regarding synthse, the modulation matrix is ​​powerful and trs suggests infinite hung Creations.
The sound palette is so broad and a professional quality if we find something to call without entering the programming. Although sr, we can easily rcuprer samples on the net or via the sampler is Intgr aisment affordable. It's easy as plugging in two Jacks Cables entries Fusion, and crushing sounds of other instruments.


I use this synth for a month now, and I still discovering many things.
I was looking for a synthtiseur complter my Yamaha arranger, with a small Bugdet (maximum 800 euros). I m'tais First-oriented analog synths modlisation as the Roland SH-201 or the Alesis Ion. In fact, it was by chance I saw on the price of MusicStore Fusion and I struggled to believe given the impressive list of features.
I could see in stores on Roland Juno-G or Yamaha TR-61, but impossible to buy much less for more.

I really like:
- Play the keyboard
- Electronic sounds excellent
- The standard hard drive (80 gigabytes!)
- Easy import USB
- Synthse modules not found on other workstations
- The sampler intgrbr /> - the fact that there is no need to buy optional cards coteuses supplmentaires
- The community trs active, both on Audiofanzine international forums.

What I like least:
- The design that does not do it homage, but if we end up doing and find it beautiful, especially all lit in the obscuritbr /> - no vocoder / between micro that would have made a workstation really complte
- A bug that sometimes locks the instrument when I browse the catgories mixes and makes me a reboot.
- The fact of being obliged to go through the net to buy, despite the refund or exchange within 30 days and 3 years warranty

If there was no bug finally bit the teacher, I would be totally conquered. With the Fusion, it's like having multiple instruments in a runis. At the ridiculous price, 780, which I bought new, it's an opportune inoue! For a musician with a tightened Bugdet is an incredible opportunity to acqurir MRIT an instrument that all the superlatives. A small vritable Oasys!
The only default is the price of Fusion! It is almost too expensive! Take the Fusion, sell it under a Japanese brand three times its price, and he would have been a huge success. My opinion is that the Fusion as the only workstation Alesis sale, the designers have put the package without proccuper to price ranges as do the Korg, Yamaha and other Roland. That's how you get a vritable powerhouse.
Obviously this choice I would do! I never found as well, putting even more expensive. I am proud to possder an Alesis synth because I feel of being "DIFFERENT" from other musicians in the world format Korg-Yamaha-Roland of the workstation.
I would have never discovered the Fusion without Audiofanzine. Thank you.