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User Review

strangenono's review - Alesis Fusion 6HD

Value For Money : Poor
-Dja ennonces repeatedly
-No editor pc
Full-polyphony, enough for all
-Sounds for all styles


-Edition sounds simple (for a synth without knobs) with menus and submenus but pnible times less than on some new machines.
-VA and the sampling are easily sufficient for the closure of the samples (that is always the hardest). It lacks a good editor pc, that would be the best!
-FM is a little more complicated from a SY77, terminology from Alesis' s nothing to do with a dx or sy is a bit shocking but hey there are so many possibilities.
The m-manual has not yet been used but it is the size of Botin, terrifying ... s will have to bring it to the part sequencer and mixer as there are mysterious zones or the arpegiatteur seems to trigger phrases .. .


The sounds are great even without effects. It's going to the acoustic sounds romantic in East via the electro or rock. The presets are many trs (see over) and the beautiful banks of hollow sun bring more indniable. This synth can do anything, the FM will provide cold and metallic timbres, the VA will delight the lover of old school sounds and sampling that will sound an infinite possibilities ... The pads are superb (and much more playable than just the newts to be sunny), pianos and EP trs are good, the bass, but even small BMOL for brass few and unconvincing APRS ... you have the sampler To overcome this and also it is a hard Dique! Ended the era and we had to charge the bank for the floppy drive or hard drive scsi, everything loads at startup, we can do without laptop live!


I have recently but it is almost already tamed and loved it! I like the small tps not loading for some sounds but ca s' stop there. Amazing that such a machine is not very popular, yet it is as much that a Korg Oasys and costs 7x cheaper! Previously I tried the Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif and Oasys but that is expensive for what that is. It is better and it is amricain that ask for?!