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User Review

room for improvment - Reviews Alesis Fusion 8HD

Alesis fusion is a good keyboard, and I have used it several times. But there is a lot of room for improvement with it which is one of the reasons I actually didn’t purchase it myself (though I did think about it). One of the main reasons that I knew it wasn’t for me was with the sequencer, after coming from some of the yamaha and korg line of keyboard workstations, the Alesis Fusion sequencer just fell short to me.


Understanding the Fusion is pretty simple all of the functions are easy to find and they arent hard to understand either. With a little patience and some extra time you can figure this board out without any instructions in no time. I havent seen a manual for it and I was good using it in about a hour or so.


When it came to the sounds and banks, some of the are really good. And some were not so good. But that is normal for keyboards, they will have some great sounds and then some that are not so good.
Some of the strings actually surprised me though, I didn’t expect them to be so full and rich. Even some of the brass was ok, but the bass patches I wasn’t a fan of. I felt they could have put more energy into really getting some good bass patches. It just seems like they over looked that part.


Its not a bad keyboard workstation overall, just the sequencing wouldn’t work for me in the long run. In the studio that I was in it was ok to use just for then. But I would take a yamaha or korg anyday over the Alesis Fusion 8HD. But the good thing about it is that the price isn’t as bad as the other high end models. So that’s always a plus for us musicians that cant afford expensive gear.