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User Review

a missile that missed its target ... - Reviews Alesis Fusion 8HD

Workstation complete with keyboard (+ ROMpler physical modeling), sampler, effects, sequencer and audio recorder. Hard disk drive 40 Gb, connector for external hard drive and card reader Compact Flash. Lots of inputs / outputs, on paper, everything is there. I 8HD version, and the keyboard Fatar TP6 is really excellent. That said, it is the third machine I have, the first two buttons were not functional. Apparently the keyboard connector does not transport.
Ample polyphony, in short, he had everything to gain except .....


... except that the operating system is completely missed. I read somewhere that the Fusion program is like building a ship in a bottle. Nothing is more true, ergonomics is almost non-existent. With more serious deficiencies such as lack of punch-in/punch-out the sequencer, on the edge of ridiculous!
Well, with a little practice you can get by, but it is clearly the weak point of this machine.
Another bad point for Alesis, MIDI implementation was never given; outcome impossible to write an editor that would get rid of the interface.


The sound is simply EXCELLENT! Frankly, there's everything you want. The pianos are wonderful (it beats my Kurzweil is saying), strings magnificent, sumptuous tablecloths, synthetic sounds in all registers, in short, in this area, Alesis has succeeded. The mine has Sweetwater, with all banks HollowSun is of high quality. A small reserve for modeling sounds a bit dry compared to the samples.


Alesis has clearly not finished this machine. It's a shame, because the audio is the ambition and competition (Triton, Motif, Fantom). I read the article on Keyboard in the development team, and it looked promising. In my opinion, Alesis misjudged the cost of development, or the dev team has fallen behind, and the OS was sloppy. Result, it is mis-sold (I got mine new at 1/4 the price). But it's still the center of my studio is always permière machine I lit.

Alesis, please release the code you can write an editor!