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User Review

vipmusicos's review - Korg Karma

Workstation 61 ... short, it's a base with Triton LE, a guest star that makes the difference, the system invented by Advanced arpeggiation S.Kay (Karma is an acronym) ...
And while standing there, but remember that this monster red (wine) is embarking as the first generation KARMA system (even though he himself called an OS v.2, but is not Karma2, found on more advanced M3/Oasys/Kronos) ...

It is therefore, for his generation, a revolutionary keyboard, which can appear in a still largely set in the middle of the latest bikes, without blushing (this is already done!) The comparison!

The user interface of Karma (switches, crossfader, 12 knobs, 4 pads, joystick can act as pitchbend and more), can also make a particularly formidable twelve o'clock master keyboard (carefully taken into account before embarking on buying a keyboard master mute twelve o'clock!)


The black point of the beast, it's obsolete small monochrome screen, which it does not compare with even colorful widescreen touch of newer bikes ... and when we know that in order to customize / deepen the initial contents of the vehicle must navigate screens and multiple sub-screens, it can be daunting one ...


Two possible uses = either you are a crazy synthesis and programming, and here you have something to do (in the limit of a triton engine noise ... there are some nice additional cards cfm, whose mythical programmable Moss - which costs almost as expensive as the karma-hand!)!

Either way, you want to play without taking the head, and there you must find (or buy) the combis very musical developed by karmalab, kidnepro, panditpress, ProRec, or originally by EJ2: you will have a set as a arranger (sophisticated) with tons of combis (variety of styles / moods music) customizable to infinity: what jammer to life, creating background music (the new age to electro jazz and orchestral classical ...) but never dry.


6 years and I do not separate even though I also tyros 4 and korg m3 with karma2: with all the resources produced combis since its inception (and re-arranged and custom), I have an expander with dementia sounds, and rhythms that I have not yet found on the M3 ...

For less than 500 euros used, often with add-ons ... Anglo-Saxon as they say, "it's really worth" ... Darken the friends you will not be disappointed, I think!