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User Review

Still down after 10 years - Reviews Korg Triton Le 76

Characteristics have been described countless times I will not dwell


Purely personal opinion so subjective: it is simple enough for basic use.
I mean, if you do not venture hacking and tweaking sounds in all directions, there is frankly very simple to use.

I will say that it gets complicated when you want to further explore the machine in question.

This is done through menus and sub-menus through successive screens.

The result, however, still well worth the time spent to read the manual for my part remains an esoteric nothing (I do not have his engineer training and technical language even being English does not want to go ...) And yet it is composed of 3 volumes (manual base parameter guide, voice and name list)

Besides, I highly recommend (to help effectively) dvd tutorial can be found on dedicated to this workstation (English attention as required) for a few euros.


In short, I tried some current machines of the brand because I wanted to change it to update the sounds ...

Well you know what?

I care because the sound evolution has nothing really worth the trouble to heat the credit card unless you have not yet tasted a real machine by passé.Il perfectly in the hand and connected a preamplifier (ART PRO MPA2 in my case with a change to the original Mesa Boogie lamps) and an enhancer of the genus Behringer 3040 or BBE sonic maximize you will not believe your ears

I remember it now 10 years old ...

Even connected directly to my monitor speakers I surprised more than one ...

You should know that it focuses perfectly versatile electronic music but with a little imagination.

Like the majority of sounds contained in the memory except the guitar sounds but I admit never having chills with no brand on this subject (except Ketron after reflection ...)
The aftertouch is configurable in the right proportions and precisely allows a great expressiveness in addition to the joystick and knobs dedicated to control filters

And special mention for the sounds "big band" that enhance the responsiveness of the keys

Not to mention the arpeggiator ...

For less: as said, the guitar sounds, especially piano and unfortunately that is possible and the metal is not convincing. But I do not despair of spending time to grind even completely republish order to have something right in the end.


I use it for 3 years now and I hope to keep for a long time

If I really had to change I think I'd stay in a brand Krome (just to find the DNA of my Triton) or go to the side of Kurzweil ...

What I like most: the featherweight for a 76, the aging copy sounds easily accessible by category, the powerful 16-track sequencer and all parameters easily adjustable, 4 jack outputs (that can better manage the various instruments a sequence to a mixer or multi-track recorder), arpeggiator with more than a number of reasons therefore (more reasons "user"), the immense possibilities of Triton ... So a lot of things ...

Least: the drum samples and percussions are excellent but the use to create a rhythm part with intro, breaks, verse 1 and 2, etc ... it's frankly galère.Il to go through the arpeggiator pattern remains the same from beginning to fin.Sauf tedious programming ... or buying a drum connected midi.De same as soon as we deepen the possibilities of the machine must be mounted in sound Ingenirie as some mastery of technical language is required. Another criticism: the very questionable sound of acoustic piano ...

As to the choice again, it would be eyes closed or opt for a version of "studio" or downright "extreme"

I highly recommend for those who do not seek a stage piano sounds but I will say psyche / space / electro / cool cool crossing the temps.Sans count at the price where it is now ...