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The Synclavier updated to v3

Cameron Jones and Mitch Marcoulier decided to modernize in 2015 both the software and hardware parts of the iconic Synclavier workstation.

On the software side, the interface part of the SynclavierX has been extracted and rewritten with modern Cocoa framework to be compatible with the latest Mac OS X and finally get rid of the hard drive limitations. With this new software, you will be able to load sound files directly from the HDD or network.

One the hardware side, the PCI interface has been replaced with the BTB-1 PCIe card that will be compatible with the Thunderbolt technology via an adapter. Along with the Digital IO PCIe card, it will then be possible to control a Synclavier digital audio system from a recent Mac computer. Note that this new setup uses the same D0-PCI interface and cable as the PowerPC version of Synclavier developed for Mac OS 9 and the BTB-1 will offer the same capacities as the ones on the SynclavierX application.

The team has opened reservations for this new BTB-1 card, with two available options:

  • Upgrade pack with the BTB-1 and PCIe IO card: $1,199 with a $599 depot
  • New Setup with the BTB-1, the PCIe IO card, the D0-PCI interface and cable: $1,499 with a $749 depot

Both solutions will include install and setup support and the team offers an optional Thunderbolt chassis for $499.

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