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User Review

Very good workstation, controllers and expanders, etc. .. - Reviews Roland Fantom-G7

To see the config keyboard manufacturers sheets, everything is said and all is as promised, I just regret not having chosen a Fantom G8 for its hit more pleasant

The affected G7 is for me too weighted by biensur against the keyboard is lightweight next to its big brother G8 weighs very very heavy, the heaviest on the market 88

Side polyphony nothing to say the keyboard manages seven layers of sounds without problem see 8 depending on the complexity of patches used, and c heavy! the bug is the lack of polyphony + uncommon, to really want lol lol


Side controllers (pitch, modulation, sustain, infrared pitch, etc ...) c magnificent
great mastery of instruments, as the electric guitars that ARX03 card (brass / sax), also speaking of this map ARX ... of the control (s) instrument (s) is great! bcp specific to the instrument effects!

Next edition of the sounds of the c edition limitless! very very driven editor, can be too much, but super c, it takes a little fiddling the editor to understand certain things, Wholesale manual I have almost never opened, very intuitive keyboard, high-end interface, it seeks not too much, everything is under the eyes
Menu management by 16pads, genuine, how fast compared to fantom x


The acoustic piano sounds -> no! on the other hand you can load samples quality (free or paid)

Sounds brass and drums -> nul also probably made expressly to buy the cards ARX 01 & 03

I advise you to buy widely DP8 3 pedals (sustain, control 1 and 2)
for your Fantom G, very useful to control your instruments, very simple configuration

The electro sounds -> a marvel!!
The organ sounds -> a little work on the edition to get the sound you want (it is possible to install a program in which you add a fantom "organ pull" menu
Acoustic guitars. elec. -> Nothing to say
Strings -> very good!
and everything sounds (vibrations, flutes, etnic, ...) has nothing to say really good c

The library is HUGE!! the sequencer is titanic him 128 MIDI tracks and 24 Audio tracks, c frankly beautiful, there's plenty to do

I recommend this workstation as the people who work in the studio only to those who are on stage, the way LIVE & STUDIO can make this a real chameleon keyboard, ideal in the two areas


I used 3 years, super satisfied (except for a few negative points mentioned above)

I tried the range pattern that has not packed me at all .. except sounds, but next NOTHING TO SEE interface next to the fantom g

I recommend buying the ARX has OCCAZ price, it really boosts the keyboard

I do not regret my purchase even if later I had a preference for the G8 and ivory touch feel

I sold it for the simple reason that I change the style of music, I do not do too much work studio