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User Review

Micky201's review - Best Service Ethno World 4 Professional

See site best service.
Basically, a sample library ethnos BASED Kontakt 2 Player.


The sound quality is very good. The Mongolian side is particularly successful. Of course like any bank, there are sounds that are less successful than others. But even the "least" successful are good and have their usefulness in a component. There are a lot of licks and loops and all the better, because I am not sure that everyone is capable, a sample-based color, create rhythmic phrases and typically Asian, African or otherwise. Justment is the advantage of such products, we can have the feel of instruments and adapt them to its components (the tempo of loops is sync with that of the host, and the samples can be transposed).

I still think that for some specific instruments that should be just ahead, we may actually need more detailed bookstores and worked. For that it will buy specific libraries. That said, even in this register, ethno world has enough to supply a lot of intruments with the details required. This depends on the specific instruments that we seek ...


In sum, very happy with the purchase.
This library provides an arsenal big enough to add color to the songs. You can try it directly on the site best service before purchasing.