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Touring in Europe, looking to book musicians and for promo outlets - forum Worldwide Forum

Hello, bonjour! (En français après)

I am a musician from Brooklyn, NY coming to Europe on tour this summer (London, Manchester, Berlin, Paris.) I could really use some advice on promotional newsletters, magazines such as this, and online radios to list my shows.

I am also currently seeking a bassist in London and Berlin to accompany me, a drummer in London, and an accordionist in Manchester. Please spread the word!

And finally, I am coming to Europe with my new album, and hoping to drop it off with different promotional outlets, record labels, and booking agents in these areas.

Please any leads are much appreciated!

My website:

Thanks so much!

Dahlia (

En français:

Je suis une musicienne de Brookyn, NY qui vient en Europe cette été pour faire une tournée (Londre, Manchester, Berlin, Paris). Je pourrais vraiment utiliser des conseils sur des magazines comme celui-la, aussi bien que les radios internet pour enregistrer mes concerts.

Aussi, je cherche actuellement des musiciens sur place (une bassiste a Londre et en Berlin, une accordéoniste a Manchester, et un percussionist a Londre). Faites passez le mot svp!

Et finalement, je viens en Europe avec mon nouvel album, en espérant de le donner aux programmateurs, aux labels, aux promoteurs, etc.

Mon site:

Merci pour vos conseils beaucoup beaucoup appréciés!

Dahlia (
Hey Dahlia, that sounds pretty dope! Few words of advice:
  • Don't worry about writing french. You're on Audiofanzine EN, you can go to Audiofanzine FR for the dedicated french site with a largely french user base (given that you're gigging in Europe, they might be able to help you out)
  • If you'll be in Europe and speak french, our sister site, Mupiz, is a site dedicated to helping people find other musicians for jamming and/or gigging
  • You can also try starting threads on HomeRecording in addition to Audiofanzine, as they have many UK-based members who might be able to help you out. They also have a subforum dedicated to Music Marketing that might help you

Hope that helps! If you were gigging in Paris and needed a bass or guitar player, I would've been glad to help you out. Always good to jam with fellow AF members :D:

Thanks so much for your advice! That is so helpful!

Also, I actually may need a bassist in Paris afterall. The gig dates are everyday 16h-18h the 12th-19th August. Can you email me so we can talk details?

Unfortunately, this admin will be back home in California and won't be back in Paris till after those dates.

I do jam and gig with a friend who's on Audiofanzine and is an American who lives in Paris. He might be here on those dates. Reach out to him here and see if he or someone else might be able to help you out.

If you're still in Paris after August 21, let me know :lol:

Good luck at your shows