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The top of the filter without a price XTA (XP 4080 dsp processor)

By audio light system, 08/08/2011
Sharp material in use and settings.
Very transparent sound.
Canadian brand that rises and begins to be adopted by leading.
Remote control with dedicated software and graphics tablet.
Very good product and good value for money (listen the BSS, XTA, or EV, and made the difference!).

sonox's review (DLP-4080A)

By sonox, 04/10/2005
Procsseur numrique 4 IN / 8 OUT

-6 Paramtriques EQ on all channels (I / O)
6 filter 48 db / oct Butterworth, Bessel, linkwith
-Limiters on all channels with rglage of attack and release
Line-delay on all channels (I / O).
-Polarity + -
-Possibility of operation with an optional card Cobranet

Used in lane 8 faade EAW KF750 + SB750.
Nothing wrong about Specifies, accustomed to Lms700 Turbosound (Bss388), this product is a notch
above with the EQ for 6 channels, I recommend the CONTRL nanmoins PC because the screen is a bit small, except for the recall of pRSET, work on it done quickly sore eyes,
but it is true that this will be a shame to spend the extra grip with the software supplied with XLINK, as this program is quick and easy to use.
In a few minutes you get to do anything you want.

The sound is well at my old BSS with a little more for Xilica
which offers a brighter sound in the upper spectrum.

I put the highest mark for this product, because for less than a BSS Omnidrive 366
8 is out, the possibility to enter a CobraNet using an optional card that costs
in 200, a grip of a ease and with maximum dconcertante functions.

Overall sound exclente

EQ that offers all the possibilities
Hi self, self Lo, parametric (0.02 5.2 octaves)

QualitPrix very good value.

A second will be very fast in order and this time,
with maps Cobranet (gniak, gniak, gniak).