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Xotic Effects
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Cool but too smooth for me (BB Preamp)

By SmokingBirds, 16/11/2014
Xotic BB Preamp pedal boutique 100% analog overdrive, made by Xotic, of course. Here, here I say more, except that it is a pedal plug and play, that all sounds good.


Configuration is very simple, four buttons:
Volume to the volume of the effect, you'll understand.
A gain for the gain of the handle end, and thus more or less saturated. Knowing that the headroom is not bad at all, but it does not grow either in high saturations, but this is not what is asked either, so all is well.
A Treble, to manage acute rather cool and smart as knob
A Bass to handle the bass, and that too is cool and smart as knob.
No need for manual given the ease of use of the beast.


BB as Bluesbreaker, is supposed to be closer to the grain of the Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal. It is true that the grain is Marshallian, but since I play Marshall in the end I do not know if it comes from the pedal.
The grain of this pedal is very good, the saturation is always very clean, very smooth, and very realistic. I was pretty impressed with that side. Its main asset remains in my bass treble eq, which can really find the sound we need.
I use a Les Paul and a Strat US, both with Micros Tornado MS. My amp is a JTM45 RI. With two guitars, bb preamp is doing very well, good grain for me it sounds best in treble booster, or light bluesy crunch. on the other hand, even if it sounds very good, I personally find the missing character.


I used this pedal a few weeks before selling it, because I do not find it quite typical. It was really good, that's a certainty, but for me the grain is too smooth, too precise, it does not bleed enough, and it lacks a bit of gain. The pedal is robust, rather pretty, and not too big. A very good pedal worth its price, especially occasion. I had a lot of pedal overdriave, the jackhammer, the Ibanez TS9, the maxon OD808, Maxon OD9 the bb preamp, and now the riff shooter. The riff shooter remains my favorite for now.
The bb preamp gives me a strange feeling, that of being a great pedal that I'll soon forget.
I will not make that choice, but I orienterais to his cousin bb preamp MD, to see what it gives.

Top notch (AC Booster)

By ColDay, 27/10/2014
This is a booster / overdrive, it's not complicated.
Well, it's yellow and did some work on a pedalboard, but as it sounds ...


4 knobs ... there is no simpler than OD.


I'll make it short because everything has already been said, this pedal is outstanding.
I use a clean boost for its slightly crunchy.
It landed directly on his rock to fall: very dynamic, with a big fat grain airy, and very faithful to the guitar and the amp. It not ring at all "pedal" is like the basic sound with more gain and grain.
I also used to boost another OD for lead levels: it is also a perfect job, it tightens the grain and increases the gain, with a small bump in the mids welcome. That's perfect.


I finally managed to get my Bad Monkey in the closet, everything is more qualitative information on the AC.
I tested a lot of TS-Like, the Red Dirt and Keeley TS808-HW, supposedly improved TS808, but ultimately too "stiff" and relatively tasteless.

The ratio q / p is very good opportunity.
I would do this choice ... a revelation!

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