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Granularly yours - and in an honorable way! (T1 Golden Browine)

By PryDpaniK, 24/08/2017
1 – used in a techno live setting, only on bass drums :bave:


2 – I’ve use dit with an Artec pwb-8 external power supply with adjustable voltage (6 to 12 V), what a pleasure to set the voltage yourself, especially on distortions (almost an additional modulation setting)

It’s sturdy, with components that seem quality, orange skin aspect, mini format (I was afraid about that :-D )


3 – this pedal is a nice surprise to me, a large span of delicate settings for approx. 2/3rd of the drive and presence knobs course, exactly what I was after to complete my Digitech cm-2.

Setting the voltage between 6V to 9V provides a slightly dirty distortion
Between 9V and 12V: distortion on steroids

Very little noise or hum, it really takes extreme settings to get some out of it :-D

Don’t look for gain on the infrabass, it won’t deliver, although there’s a tone setting it’s not a Marshallesque “low”, but that doesn’t spoil the whole and it doesn’t have to blush compared with my jh-1… it completes it :bravo:

_ _______________

4 – Pros:

- little hum
- sharp "highstortion "
- its weight, can be scratched just anywhere
- blue led (yeah, I know it’s silly but still…)
- an uncommon sound range
- price
- the way the knobs look nice !

Cons :

- doesn’t necessarily reveal the lows
- low quality printings – on mine, at least

Outstanding (U3)

By StarSailor74, 12/01/2019
I chose this for use in live sound applications.
I use this with both headset and handheld mics.
There are no other comparable products in this price range.
1: Can be used with any dynamic microphone--whether headset, lavalier, or handheld [condenser mics need not apply]
2: Small footprint on sound desk since the receiver plugs directly into the mixer instead of being a box sitting to the side taking up additional space.
3: Both transmitter and receiver have internal, rechargeable lithium batteries, so no changing of batteries is required.
4: Transmitters/receivers have channel selectors for up to six channels, meaning one can use up to six of these at once.
5: Manufacturer is very good at responding to customer inquiries.
1: Can only be used with dynamic mics.
2: XLR connection on transmitter limits choices of headset mics.
3: Transmission range limited to less than 100 feet.
The pros still outweigh the ocns on using these--especially in small settings such as coffee houses, small churches.