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The Audiofanzine Metalheads & Headbangers' thread - forum Your Favorite Music

Actually, I listen to Agalloch and Primordial, I just love it!! Agalloch above all, really great!!

And I'm also in an Iced Earth/Blind Guardian/Demons and Wizards mood :bave:
Hi guys

I'm fond of Ministry, KMFDM and more generally industrial music, i also appreciate Heavy (Megadeth) symphonic black metal (Dimmu, Limbonic art, Anorexia Nervosa..) and power metal like Pantera, Machine head..

I guess you can count me in too... I'd prefer my guitars to go either Grindcore, Mathcore... on occaision Hardcore/Deathcore... anything core. But I do like Dragonforce, doing their thing... and then there's a variety of other bands, like Ministry, KMFDM, Pitchshifter and others, industrial influenced.

As for names... All shall perish, Genghis Tron, As blood runs black, The dillinger escape plan, The Black dahlia murder, Lamb of god... and the list goes on.

Quote: The dillinger escape plan

saw them live 5 years ago :aime: