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Ohhh baby lets talk grunge. - forum Your Favorite Music

Just want everyone to know that Grunge is bar far the most underated music of our time. Yes the chord structure is basic, yes its not necessarily the most listenable music in the world...BUT its art of noise and its beautiful....listen to J mascis's Guitar tone and tell me that it isnt beautiful. And it isn't dead...listen to here comes the zoo by local h or anything from triple fast action....grunge is alive and well and way too far underground... Getting good grunge tones is tricky but totally worth in chaos...long live the soul of music and death to the digital age! BWAH HA HA HA HA! :mdr:
I believe grunge could take on a whole new meaning in todays music scene.  there is a lot of indie art that is creeping into everyday things such as movies and online viral campaigns.  So i believe with the right artists and fell it could be a new and upcoming mainstream genre.
I am not sure how grunge can be revived and not sure if I'd want to see this facepalm ....  I do believe everything has it's time and place.  But do let me know if there is a revival around the corner and who is responsible for it!
i heard about that method of music production...sounds rocking...
Grunge is more of a musical style and less of a production method, though production definitely defined it.  Most notably: distorted guitars, thumping bass, woody, raw drums with no 80's chorus effects!  It was simple, just bass, guitar and drums.  No keys, crazy production effects on vocals etc.  It was trying to recreate that Seattle club sound of just local bands on stage.