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User Review

Ouch! Wildlife Sound - Reviews Akai Professional SynthStation25

minimum footprint, compatibility Iphone 4 which makes it a little synth trip, the price.


Very good, very simple.
Plug and Play

4 batteries supplied LR3! Thank you
USB cable not included! Not well

I did not look when connected to a computer it was the batteries?

Autonomy looks good. I play on it about 1 hour per day from 25-12 and currently RAS.


I'm pretty happy with this gadget. This is a good master keyboard travel (the word travel is important)
1 - It is very light
2 - it does not take place
3 - This is one of the few keyboards of this size (see single) which is the pitch bend and modulation integrated (and that's downright cool)
4 - response velocity is well staged. No start and no more trouble to attack or to play pianissimo. Very nice to handwrite party batteries and bass lines. Well as to locate sounds in their beats virtual

Only drawback for me: no aftertouch (and that's bad).

As a synth with the iphone, it's also very surprising. I have so far 2 of the application compatible akai (SynthStation) 50in1 and Piano. There are others (including Music Studio, audio / midi) and in my opinion much more to come (hopefully!)

Very nice to spend time, look for ideas, etc. ...
Let's be honest, it does not replace a computer with a DAW and VSTi Pro (but in a few years we could have big Surprises)

Recommended for music junkies with an iPhone and who can not go on vacation without an instrument with them.