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Review of the Baloran The River analog synthesizer

When the analog flows in the stream! 35 years after the release of The Moog Source, the young French company Baloran pushes the concept to the next level. The River, much more than a polyphonic multitimbral analog synth, is made with pragmatism, modesty, talent and innovation. An outstanding musical instrument! read more…

Review of the Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos Synth

Little Bad Boy The Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos (PL2 Leukos) is a hardware synthesizer module that fits in the palm of your hand, and can plug into your computer and respond to your DAW. Its analog pulse wave oscillators and analog and digital filters can create some pretty impressive synth textures. All parameters are edited via MIDI control change messages or using the comprehensive free software editor. And best of all the PL2 Leukos sells for a street price of $99. read more…

Waldorf Streichfett Review

Fat Strings Unveiled last spring at Frankfurt, it wasn't until mid-summer that the Streichfett was to be seen in stores. As soon as it came out, we grabbed one and stripped it down! read more…

User reviews on Electronic instrument products

Boss DR660 still useful ! (Boss - DR-660 Dr. Rhythm)

By James Zelazny jr, 04/11/2018
star‌star‌star‌star‌star‌ star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border
I bought the DR660 when they were first out and the price was right.I wanted something to jam to with my guitar,then found out you needed to be a programming drum nerd and was bummed out.At the time,computers were not a dime a dozen,so the MIDI was useless to me and was only able to use preset beats at best.But then....dug it out of mothballs and bought a Yamaha midi interface,installed Guitar Pro 5,downloaded 1000`s of .GP3 files of some good tunes I like and setup Guitar Pro to play those .GP3 files which are very close to having the actual drummer in my room.At least better than any drummer I ever met that will play anytime I need a drummer.The great part is I can TURN IT OFF anytime I want and takes up much less space than an actual drum set.So this thing after all these years turned out to be quite a useful tool.Setting it up for Guitar Pro to play my drum tracks was almost too easy.So there you have it ! Matter of fact,made a few You Tube tracks for fun as a GUESS the drummer and song.Living proof of how useful the DR660 is -

WARM. HUGE. ANALOG. My new ambient pad, brass & string machine! (Oberheim - Matrix-1000)

By volcarock, 27/01/2019
star‌star‌star‌star‌star‌ star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border
I bought the Matrix 1000 in black one week ago as a counterpart for my beloved Juno 60. And this 6 voice polyphonic rack synthesizer sounds really analog and wide , even without FX. I really love the overall warm sound, it is the opposite of some harsh sounding modern synths.

But with adding a bit of delay, reverb or modulation FX turns it into an epic analog pad, brass &string machine. This it what I am mainly using it for.
But nevertheless there are also fantastic bass, leads, FM, FX and all other kind of analog sounds possible.
With the Mod matrix it is easy to make very organic sounds.
And even if attack time and LFO's are a bit slower, for my kinda music they fit.

When I bought it, Firmware was 1.11, so I did an eprom upgrade to 1.20 (Tauntek/Rob Grieb) where a lot of bugfixes have been solved. It is possible to use the Matrix now with a MIDI controller without problems! The eprom also includes the important global detune from Gigli v. 1.6. With this upgrade the Matrix 1000 does not sound static anymore, the DCO's behave more VCO like.

Without an external controller the matrix 1000 is more or less a preset machine because no editing is possible.
With my stereoping controller it is really fun to tweak the synth. Of course you can also use a Software to tweak, but I prefer real knobs.

For me it is the perfect sounding analog poly!
And I am thinking of grabbing a second one for stereo operations or 12 voice polyphony :-)


Manual needed too (Technics - SM-ZS30)

By Peter Rehnke, 20/02/2019
star‌star‌star‌star‌star‌ star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border
hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30?
would badly need it and cannot find anywhere. please assist

hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30?
would badly need it and cannot find anywhere. please assist

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A synth in my guitar
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Published on 10/27/13

Fun toy, but get the manual.

Published on 01/10/13

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