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Review of the Baloran The River analog synthesizer

When the analog flows in the stream! 35 years after the release of The Moog Source, the young French company Baloran pushes the concept to the next level. The River, much more than a polyphonic multitimbral analog synth, is made with pragmatism, modesty, talent and innovation. An outstanding musical instrument! read more…

Review of the Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos Synth

Little Bad Boy The Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos (PL2 Leukos) is a hardware synthesizer module that fits in the palm of your hand, and can plug into your computer and respond to your DAW. Its analog pulse wave oscillators and analog and digital filters can create some pretty impressive synth textures. All parameters are edited via MIDI control change messages or using the comprehensive free software editor. And best of all the PL2 Leukos sells for a street price of $99. read more…

Waldorf Streichfett Review

Fat Strings Unveiled last spring at Frankfurt, it wasn't until mid-summer that the Streichfett was to be seen in stores. As soon as it came out, we grabbed one and stripped it down! read more…

User reviews on Electronic instrument products

Easy to use Sampling Keyboard (Korg - microSAMPLER)

By Roland Topel, 09/03/2019
Pro: Recessed Knobs, Ease of Use. Battery Powered, Lightweight but rugged, Sample Transfer to/from Computer via USB. Free Sample Editor, Bonus free Sample Library as download via Korg Website, Flash Ram keeps Your Creations even when Batteries are empty, Helpful Sampling/Resampling modes, gooseneck microphone, very good effects
Contra: Limited Memory, Awful & childish Hip Hop Preset Bank, No ADSR for samples (DR instead) No release when in sample loop mode. Keyboard Mode does not support Multi samples. No velocity zones. Sequencer recording only live recording, no step sequencing, no editing of sequences, Extremely loud(!!!!) Metronome, not editable, one effect for entire Bank....
8 note polyphony
My opinion: Do not pay more than 100€, this sampler is a toy.

Very nice sounding synth (Studio Electronics - SE-1)

By dlmorley, 29/03/2019
I got this in a deal and wasn't expecting too much, but pleasantly surprised. Rather than a newbie buying a Behringer or Korg, I'd rate these higher. Good build quality and a classic sound. Won't replace my Minimoog, but it's very practical and sounds very good. Recommended if you don't mind racks.

Holy Grail of the 80s Casiotones (Casio - Casiotone CT-410V)

By Fingal McLafferty, 02/06/2019
Extremely rare keyboard, much harder to find than its little brother the MT-400v (with mini keys + detachable speakers). Was lucky to pick one up locally for a decent price.

Wow I´m blown away by how good this thing sounds!!! It´s alive, organic, with rich, creamy and weighty tones emanating from its humble electronics and onboard speakers.

The full size keys feel lovely and solid (much better than modern basic keyboard keys). The speakers have a decent amount of bass and waaaay too much volume (runs on batteries so this thing is a portable 80´s disco in a box).

What really makes this a unique and special instrument is its analog filter, stereo chorus, "waw" (lfo resonant filter), which can be applied to any of the sections (rhythm, bass+chords, main tone, white noise generator).

I bought it mainly for its rarity as a collectors item but this thing sounds so damn good I´m going to use it live with various afro/brazilian synth/funk projects. Everybody loves the sound, so rich and musical I can´t believe it´s the same electronics as the MT-65 (also a great keyboard, but the MT-410v is truly on a league of its own.)

If you find one and you like funky/unusual/vintage gear, BUY IT. I promise you will thank me for it later.

News Electronic instrument

Arturia MiniBrute Gets a 2019 Reboot!

Published on 07/08/19
Ultimate Patches Releases 80 New Stellar Patches for the MiniBrute

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A synth in my guitar

Published on 02/08/18
A synth in my guitar
The '80s revival that has taken hold of pop culture seems to not have an end. And, obviously, music hasn't escaped this phenomenon, to the benefit of one instrument: the synthesizer. A fact that make…

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Be Right On The Button Every Time

Published on 10/27/13

Fun toy, but get the manual.

Published on 01/10/13

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$900 Reverb classified ad

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