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About: Bass Guitars

Derived from the double bass, which several manufacturers tried to electrify from the 30’s on, the electric bass guitar was created by Audiovox in 1933 and then perfected by Gibson, Rickenbacker, Höfner, and especially Fender in the 50’s and 60’s. Similar to the guitar in form, the original bass guitar had 4 strings stretched over a fretted neck but soon underwent many changes. Today, acoustic basses, acoustic-electrics or electrics, fretted or fretless, 5, 6, 8 and even 12 string bass guitars are not uncommon.

Reviews Bass Guitar

Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Review

Stack Attack Although most amp modeling is digital, Tech 21 has always created its amp emulations using analog circuitry. The Hot-Rod Plexi pedal ($179) is the latest example. It’s an effects processor that’s designed to be used with an amp, so unlike the SansAmp processors, it has no speaker emulation built in. read more…

Ashdown Pibass -240 and Mi 12 Speaker Review

π = 240 Watts Ashdown Engineering's PiBass head is the signature model of Polish bass legend Wojtek Pilichowski. I tested it along with the Mi12, a cabinet featuring a 12" speaker. The two products combine to make a 240-watt stack that costs under $900, and has a total weight of under 42 lbs, so it's not hard to see why Audiofanzine pushed me to do this review. read more…

TC Electronic BG250-210 Bass Combo Review

Please Turn on Your Cell Phones! Yesterday I downloaded the free version of a mobile application that makes cats fly! read more…

User reviews on Bass Guitar products

BVX 115 and TVX 410 (4 ohm) (Peavey - 115 BVX)

By Bassmanb3, 27/10/2018
A fellow Bassist and friend sold Me a BVX and a TVX for $140 because they were 4 ohms so He had to use 2 heads to run them, they were too heavy, and He needed the space. They both are great sounding cabs. If I only use one I use the BVX. To My ears it just sounds better, Counter to what You would think It has better definition of the highs than the TVX.
After Years of abusing a little Behringer 300 watt head running it at 2 ohms ( it sounded great), I finally solved the impedance issues. Just got a Hartke LH1000. Tube preamp and two 500 watt power amps. Yielding 320 watts to each cab at 4 ohms. Wow! Finally unleashing the full potential of these cabs. Awesome!!!! Really move some air!

MarkBass compressore is a workhorse on stage (Markbass - Compressore)

By tune4media, 12/11/2018
For almost 5 years, I used this compressor in countless gigs and made countless recordings with it. By all means, this compressor is the real deal for me. It’s a fully featured, housed in a steel box workhorse that won’t let you down on stage (if you learn how to properly use it) might be a bit pricey in comparison to others, but truly one of the best I’ve used and still using today.

One of the best equalizers on stage (Boss - GEB-7 Bass Equalizer)

By tune4media, 16/12/2018
I bought this pedal (pretty recently) and had a few gigs. I've got to say, at first it took me a while to get used to this pedal. But once I've got used to it - This pedal is a game changer. If you're a performing bass player and you want to control your sound + you need to adjust your tone to the environment and PA, That's a pretty good pedal that can handle the task.

News Bass Guitar

[MUSIKMESSE] LTD introduces two multi-scale basses

Published on 04/09/16
LTD has introduced the B-1004SE Multi-scale bass as well as its 5-string version, the B-1005SE.

Feature Articles Bass Guitar

Top hardware speaker simulators

Published on 12/19/17
Top hardware speaker simulators
Speaker emulators seem to be highly in demand right now, mainly as a solution to record yourself and play live, benefiting from the sound of a tube amp. There are obviously lots of software tools to …

The ultimate guide to audio recording - Part 59

Top e-bass models

Tips & Tutorials Bass Guitar

Megadistortion mod + potar level

Published on 03/05/18

Marshall 70's JMP-50 Head

Published on 04/23/13

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Roland Cube 20XL Guitar Amp

$126.35 Reverb classified ad

Gibson Krist Novoselic RD Signature Bass

$1,500 Reverb classified ad