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User Review

RickD's review - M-Audio O2

- What technical features/characteristics motivated your choice?
I wanted a small, possibly portable keyboard with a fair amount of assignable knobs & things. Oh, and i needed it to be cheap.
This one has those 'features'.

- What connection types are there (MIDI, pedals...)?...
Now i sold this so check before you buy...there is a USB connector, that's for sure, and i think there is also a MIDI out but i'm not sure anymore.

It's quite basic but, still, it has quite a lot of buttons & knobs to fiddle with.


- Is the action/feel of the keyboard nice? Does it suit your needs?
Need i say more? This keyboard is small, light & cheap, and that's exactly what the keys are: small & cheap.
Hard to talk of a 'feel' at this stage. I have very little experience with keyboards (i own a Yamaha PSR-90...which says a lot, doesn't it?...and a MicroKorg) but this is the worst i've ever touched.

- Is the general configuration/setup simple?
Using it is simple, very simple, but beware: no Windows 2000 drivers. You need XP. They probably have Vista drivers by now but that wasn't out when i had mine.

- Is the channel/patch selection simple?
Seemed simple enough, i didn't keep it long enough to really say, though...sorry.

- Is the manual clear and sufficient?...
Same as above.


In my experience, totally unusable. Absolute rubbish.
Yes, i mean it.

The action of the keys is about 2 mm (ok, i'm exagerating here, but you get my drift...).
You have to jump onto the keyboard with all your weight to get the velocity to his 127...and you can't set the velocity curves...aaarrrgh...!!!

The best thing about it was the knobs & buttons...i guess you could use those quite easily...but forget about the keyboard.

Overall? I feel sorry for the guy who bought this off me. Looking back, it's the sort of rubbish you'd probably throw out the window, break with an axe or burn just out of frustration if youo could afford to...

BUT....BUT....don't go & think all M-Audio products are this bad...!
After my terrible O2 experience, i bought the Axiom 49...a FANTASTIC MIDI keyboard...just brilliant throughout. Ok, it's twice the price and 10 times the weight...but WOW! You can actually USE it...think about that...