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User Review

"Your best travel midi companion" - Reviews Korg microKEY 37

The Korg MicroKey is a USB - bus powered midi keyboard that comes in 3 different key - options.

1) Original 37 key model.
2) 25 key model.
3) 5 octave 61 key model.

The keys are extremely velocity and touch sensitive, which is one of the main attractions of this keyboard that pushed me to get this one. The 61 key model is essential for live keyboard performance, having a pitch and modulation wheel knob along with the octave UP/DOWN buttons (+3/-3). The 37 key model also has the previously mentioned wheel knobs with octave shifts up-to +4/-4. The 25 key model is a smaller version of the 37 key version, but has a joystick that acts as the modulation/pitch-bend along with the sustain and arpeggiator function, having an octave shift of +4/-4. The MicroKey is designed to replicate a natural touch performance similar to the microKORG XL and the microARRANGER.

The 2 extra usb ports (Type A) available in the 37 key version was one another reason why I purchased this midi keyboard. You can connect any of your other Korg midi devices (for e.g, the NanoKey or NanoPad) to the MicroKey and expand your production setup a step further.

Plug your MicroKey into your Mac (From OS X 10.5 and onwards) or PC and start playing. No driver needs to be installed or any additional software needs to run to use this. Plug and Play! This weighs around 1 kg only and is a very light weighted device (Have to feel it and experience yourself).

Another feature that caught me was that you can now connect the MicroKey to an iPad (At-least iOS 5.0) with any core MIDI supported application and start playing and recording. This is very helpful for mobile musicians who are always on the go.

Using the Korg Kontrol Editor software (provided with the purchase and also available for download), customise the MicroKEY for your personal taste. Choose from eight velocity curves and/or fixed velocity, specify the control change number of the modulation wheel or joystick and specify their maximum and minimum values.


Using the MicroKey takes only around 1 minute of your time and is that simple. Plug and Play. Start playing and recording according to your requirements and enjoy the velocity sensitive performance. The configuration is absolutely easy. Since this is a digital midi keyboard that can only recognise numbers and only be used to transform digital information via your system to trigger your sounds, there are no inbuilt patches or specially made sounds produced from within the MicroKey.

The Manual is very clear and well taken care of. Ranging from general precautions from how to use the keyboard, explaining and defining every single part of the midi keyboard, Korg makes sure, the user inherits a complete idea of safeguarding this device. I have not faced any situation leading to troubleshooting this device or for a factory reset stage. Anyways, Korg explains and instructs us what to do in these situations as well.


The quality of the hardware construction of MicroKey is, of-course, having the Korg signature style. Sleek and smoothly black in colour. Performing on the MicroKey gives you a disciplined playback. As some of you might already now the pricing tags made by Korg is usually very high (even for the smallest products), the MicroKey is also not behind in this. With $125, I would say, this is fairly priced (For me). Though there are cheaper midi keyboards that I have used earlier, the MicroKey is well made, tough and durable. For travelling and mobile applications, this is very efficient and user friendly.


1) Extremely touch sensitive. Natural velocity reproduction.
2) No driver needs to be installed for use.
3) Very user friendly. Smoothly accommodates into your travel/work bag.
4) The pitch-bend and modulation wheel is very detailed giving you even the slowest movement bend.
5) Light weighted.
6) Additional Korg bonus software coupons available for download upon purchase (Discount coupons vary with the model purchased)
7) Optional travel case available for purchase.
8) Two additional USB hubs.
9) USB cable provided along with the keyboard.


1) A bit over - priced.
2) 3 models could confuse the purchasers (Should I buy the big, small or smaller one?)
3) Comes only in 1 colour.

After conducting fair amount of research only, I had resorted to the MicroKey. I love working with this and will stick to it for another couple of years, hopefully.