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User Review

Perfect start activity DJ - Reviews Behringer DJX750

It is not rackable but it can be integrated on a table as a ceramic hob. It suffices to provide the installation of the selected media.
An XLR microphone input and the other 4 in CAR
Accuracy of 24-bit
5 CHANNEL including;
Line 2 input or phono
1 input for CD or phono
1 input for CD or Line
1 Balanced XLR mic input GAIN 40db
Outputs, Master, Booth, Tape, Send, Return to RCA stereo
12 analog equalizer for each channel db/-12db
3D Surround effect and FX programmable Flanger, Delay Echo Reverb LFO filter Ect ...
Automation not supported
Assignment Deck A Deck B and Synchronization Time Offset Tempo Difference LEDs and LED. VCA crossfader controlled linear or logarithmic function CF Curve
Auto BPM counter


Simple configuration, the manual is correct, the position of the front and rear is well made and is a logic diagram use whatever conventional for this type of device. Mixer Part, Part microphone and monitor
part crossfader Master Part way out and party effects and synchronization


Equalizer average quality.
If you push the gain over 50% of setting a slight hiss is heard Master output and Booth.
Some background noise if the BPM counter is in action. Being a used equipment it is possible that the noise did not exist originally.


2 years mainly used for mixing the band: 2 guitars, 1 synth, drums and accompaniment track + with CD input for repetition.
Rarely used for DJ Mix with platinum.

Not as advised by my boyfriend.

This material does what he has to do, I do not like the BPM counter part as not really efficient and generates noise.

Considering the price paid is correct at least for the mixer.

Today for the same price and see a little more I have a digital mixer with more input on the part of DJ Virtual PC is not bad at all.
This product is interesting about average for a price not exceeding 80euros to book for beginners.