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User Review

The fretless version - Reviews Kala UBASSFL-1

The Kala U-Bass is a 4 string fretless bass guitar that comes in a mahogany finish. The U-Bass is made for the road; it even fits carry on standards for airport regulations. The do make one that is not fretless too. This right handed bass guitar has a beautiful finish on it that will look great no matter where you are playing it at. It does actually look a lot more expensive than it really is. The U-Bass only cost 599 USD and can be purchased at all of your favorite guitar or music stores and online. The finger board material is Rosewood and so is the bridge or tailpiece. It has custom hipshot tuners and it has 1 pickup. There is no neck pickup or middle pick.


The U-Bass does come with a case; it is a hard foam case that will protect your guitar from everyday travel damage and scratches. You will need to hear the U-Bass in order to fully get a grasp on how great it really is. The first time that I heard this bass I just closed my eyes and let the sound of it sell me on it. I knew right away that I would end up purchasing this guitar sooner or later.


The sound and tones are great, they suite all styles of music that I am involved in. The bass is very clean and full.


Overall, there are a lot of basses that I have used and a lot of them I like a lot. The only thing that can really separate the U-Bass from some of my other basses is the fact that it has a very good tone and an amazing finish on it. It is also pretty light and well made. For the price, it is a great investment for any bass player beginner to the pro level.