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User Review

Without hesitation for his once connected - Reviews Ibanez TCY74

Value For Money : Excellent
I will not go into the technical details you can see on the site description of the guitar.
One review on the Fishman knobs built into the guitar: are really powerful but difficult to access because in hearing (rosette). I would rather have access to the top of the box, most tratique with the preamp ....


Easy inning, impeccable weight, small flat on the not very precise mechanical, but again, for the price ...
Transportation side, I am overwhelmed, it changes from my 12 wide strings with his rather bulky box or my PRS heavy enough to hang .... My dealer gave me a case with straps, I took a trip, no problems in the plane, it is a small size, and beef with the guys was sublime, this guitar really its potential Once connected, I repeat myself, but it is a reality for which the guitar is made.
The cutaway really gives the impression of having an electric charge, which also applies to the handle. Resume after an acoustic and feel the difference .... Little fingers will get used to the way ...


1st impression, its a little tin, but once connected, it's the same guitar. Power and amazing responsiveness and reassuring: my intuition was not so bad after all.
The pickups and Fishman are actually performing, no feedback or hiss,
Once the strings changed, good quality with an average kind shooting 10-45 (we do not know what is the original strings ...), TVB, the sound is greatly improved. Especially after a few weeks of use, because the strings are improving with time ...
For the rest, trust your favorite amp, I plugged in 4 different amps from Roland in Orange, Fender and Paevey Vypyr 3, at present, must be really hard to have something to say about it Or ... do not know how to use the knobs ... or be refractory to the effects ....

To the side acoustic sound, it will play on the beach for the fire, or while at home to work on his lines and polish his quiet tunes, but it's not a Martin ... Personally, I do not serve on stage acoustic, but plugged in, yes!


Overall, after six months of daily use, and for me as for my little acoustic arrangements with a small 20 watt Cube, I am fulfilled. I tested with a microphone in front, like an acoustic to see, and Nan ... it's not. This guitar is designed to be connected with his diretc preamplified Fishman, I will step on it.

I give 8/10 with a little more for the pickups, neck, ergonomics (no fatigue after 3 hours of repeated standing) and original look. It's a little lacking in sound despite one might expect worse to see the depth of the box.
Given this experience, yes, a good buy for a not too demanding client, but a good value for money. If one day I fart, I run buy me another.


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