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User Review

Not something I will use again - Reviews Alesis Elevate 3

The Elevate 3 is a pair of studio monitors that only cost around 90 dollars per speaker. These are very inexpensive and the sound shows it. I didn’t purchase these speakers but they came with a bundle that I purchased a while ago. I only used them for about an hour before I realized that I couldn’t even use them for reference monitors. They really are not that bad, but when you are coming from Rokit’s to these you will hear a huge difference. I tried to roughly mix one of my compositions with them and I was not happy with the sound that I got and never used them again.


There is a volume knob is right on the speaker and do not interfere with the magnets in monitors or other equipment because they are magnetic shielded. The low frequency is not bad, but you can hear how naturally wide it is and can lead to a muddy low end mix later on. The highs are a bit too sharp for my liking and the mids are decent. At high volumes is where I really heard these flaws at. When played louder the bass sounded very muddy and the highs almost hurt my ears.


If you cannot afford to purchase a better set of monitors then you will have to work with these. They could work just fine if you adjust your ear to work with them and feel them out. If you can save some more money to upgrade I highly recommend doing so because in the long run this will not last and give clean radio sounding mixes.
The speaker seems to be built very well though for the price. I do not see any issues arising with it. I have used many models of speakers from Alesis and actually the MI from Alesis is one of my favorites. But the Elevate 3 just didn’t work for me.