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User Review

pebbonnet's review - Dynaudio BM5A Compact

Active speakers with high-pass and low-pass filters that you can set to + or -3, 6 or 9 db, if I remember correctly.
Near-field, in my view you shouldn't use them more than 6-8 ft away.
For professional use. They are somewhat limited for use with music due to the lows. Well-suited for multimedia, broadcast, etc.
No protection, so manipulating, moving and placing them back in their original box is a bit delicate. They have a somewhat fragile air and the tweeter isn't well protected. In short, they were made to be unpacked and installed, period.
The power switch is on the rear...There are still designers who don't think about their users' backs. It can't be that hard to put the power switch on the front panel, but anyway...


Good frequency response curve, they are excellent quality professional speakers: They are very good working tools.
The sound is relatively "flattering and brilliant," it's like night and day with the NS10.
Their stereo image and dynamic response are impeccable, their depth is great.
Their defect is being small speakers, so the lows fall short of my expectations, While being quite all right they lack some precision. Having tested the BM6A, which are a bit more expensive and bigger, the difference is a bit frustrating.


I've used them for 8 years for mixing at home. They are nice to work with, impeccable as near-fields when you don't have too much space.
A bit expensive maybe, you pay for the brand, in my opinion.
Their main strength is that they are really compact while being excellent working tools.

With hindsight, if I had had a little more space and a little more money, I would've gone for the BM6A.
I currently work with a couple of Adam A7x. Very good speakers. They are also a bit bigger, but very good for near-field applications. The lows of the ADAM A7x are better than those of the BM5A. They nevertheless have something that annoys me, but that may have to do with the fact that I'm used to the BM5A.

In conclusion, for the same use and with more or less the same format:
- Genelec: I have always found the frequency response of their small speakers useless. Be it the 1030A or the 8010: Eccentric lows and extremely-hard highs, yuk, don't buy them.
- Dynaudio BM5A: The best option if you don't have much space.
- Dynaudio BM6A: The best option when you have a bit more space. Very musical sound, nice, round, really great...
- Adam A7X: Very interesting speakers, both in terms of price and performance.
- Adam Artist: A little bit more compact than the BM5A, slightly less expensive but the bass reflex port vibrates bizarrely when you're working with them and the highs are pretty hard..