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Tannoy Reveal 802 reviews: Yes! - Reviews Tannoy Reveal 802

Value For Money : Excellent

I wanted to give my opinion on these Tannoy 802.

First, because buying a pair of monitor in France, it's just amazing.
Unable to store and listen to comparative tests. The best were Musikia on Paris, where I wished there six months listen to JBL LSR308 compared to Eris Presonus 8 (who were listening in store), and no, we do not unpack. So I did not buy. I called several other stores in Paris and the Paris region, same scenario: even if they had the product in stock, you can not listen.
So I ended up buying Thomann, Germany ... bravo the French economy.

In short, these speakers are massive and weigh their weight. I Genelec 1031A that I did not like too much and I took.
These tannoy have a quality / price ratio undeniable! So I tested the Eris 8 but they had seemed far too flattering, as my Genelec too low and too acute.
There, no fuss, it is much more medium (what I wanted) and surprising thing: whatever the place where you are (front, side, or even in the next room), the sound is constant, there is no difference in listening!
In addition, they are not too tired ears, even at high volume.

They send heavy in the bass, and that not forgive me at the mix; I listened to a lot of music over and immediately feel the quality of the prod and mix: setting down on mixed by Chris Lord Alge is just amazing compared to other albums (some really sound like the slurry at the bottom).

I then logged on as I was trying to mix on my NS10 and there, ouch ... I left almost 0, while turning a max plug that did sound good case on NS10 but Tannoy 802, it was the cat.
In the end, rebalanced Tannoy, the mix sounds great on NS10, everything has much more space, eq and comp settings become accurate and therefore, we will more easily to the basics!

I listen, I mix and record mainly rock and yet these Tannoy 802 are really what I was looking for good work.

I hope this review will help some.


difficult to say whether they are neutral, all speakers have their character

its very accurate

very good stereo image

good dynamic


one weeks

several trials of Eris, Mackie, KRK, Genelec

I love the medium side of Tannoy 802

Excellent price / quality ratio

yes I would do this choice