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Sonnox Oxford Updated

Sonnox has updated the Windows VST versions of the Oxford series of plug-ins.

The latest versions are:


  • Hosts using outdated entry points. Some VST hosts expect the plugin DLL to export an obsolete entry point, and do not "find" the plugin during the initial scanning phase if this entry point is not found. The obsolete entry point has been put back into the plugin so that older hosts can continue to use the Oxford plugins. Hosts susceptible to this issue included WaveLab 5, Sound Forge 9, Vegas 8 and Adobe Audition 3.
  • Mono Capability. The internal call to the canMono() VST interface function, which should be obsolete, has been reinstated. Again this is because some hosts and wrappers require it to achieve adequate functionality.
  • Wavelab Compatibility Improvements:
    • Mono/Stereo confusion. In Wavelab, inserting any of the mono/stereo versions into a mono channel caused them to show stereo until the play button was hit, at which point they reverted to the correct mono configuration display. This issue has been fixed.
    • Presets Crashing. Loading master section presets in Wavelab would sometimes crash Wavelab, and would sometimes cause the Oxford plugins to come up with corrupted graphics or incorrect displayed values, and leave Wavelab in an unstable state. This is also the origin of some reports from users of the Oxford plugins "losing their settings" when loaded. This bug was caused by Wavelab sometimes calling the plugin's GUI idle loop from the wrong thread during the preset load sequence. This problem has now been cured with a workaround, and Oxford plugins are now as reliable as they should be in Wavelab.

  • Mono Configuration Anomalies in Cubase / Nuendo. If you were to import a stereo wav, and split it into two mono tracks, and insert an Oxford plugin into the right channel's mono track, then the audio effectively bypassed the plugin. This was a problem with the plugin not telling the host that it could handle this specific instance of a mono speaker arrangement combined with a right speaker as opposed to a left speaker. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Redistribution DLLs now included. Some redistribution DLLs are now included as a standard part of the installation procedure. If the installation takes some time on your system, and you know it has already been done, you do have the option not to perform this step in the installer (unselect the checkbox on the last page of the installer, the page with the Finish button at the bottom.)