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User Review

In the big league - Reviews EELA Audio S191

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
EELA is a brand that’s not widely known by the masses. They mostly develop products for broadcast/radio applications. Fact is, you rarely see their products.
I bought mine essentially because it wasn’t expensive, so I thought I didn’t risk much.
What a good idea I had! Its sound is unbelievable for a very affordable price (350€ on eBay)!! The quality of the preamps is up to par with a studer mixer such as 961/962, and by the way I find its sound quite similar. The EQ section is minimal and to be honest I haven’t really tweaked it, just enough to say it provides these typical analog warm bass sounds, always so pleasant to my ear.
It has a limiter on the master section, which I never had to use.

For a recording-oriented use, the sole limit is the absence of direct outputs (for this the Revox C279 is quite ideal). So I rather use it as a mixer for my musician’s setup, essentially for synths. It’s perfect for that use, it adds a grain and I’d say it makes the sound less sterile.

I regularly see some for sale on eBay and if you want my advice, don’t hesitate and seize the opportunity if you ever see one available!