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User Review

Old, but good - Reviews Sony MXP-290

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
-For what kind of music do you use this product? ?

I personally use it for electronic music (Industrial). There's no reason which wouldn't allow to use it for "extreme" (if I may say so) styles...

-What do you think of its finish and ergonomics?

It seems quite sturdy. The old school painting makes me think of an old army Jeep. I got it used for a bargain price from a squat, in perfect condition!
Very classic, easy to work with from the start.
Beware though regarding the connectors, it only features RCA and XLR.

-What about its sound?

I won't get much into the details as for me this is a little source of concern.. Perhaps it's due to how it was stocked by its previous owner but I find the sound to be muffled and lack clarity.
In the studio there's no problem, but in live it clearly showed its limits... The sound was awful on the PA.
Studio use only!

-pros ans cons:

Its greatest quality remains its sturdy design, and its major flaw the disappointing sound quality, which is perhaps due to the RCA connectors and is a real issue for live use.