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User Review

sonic75's review - Korg KingKORG

Very good analog modeling synthesizer!
- XMT technology (multiple models)
- 24 voice polyphony
- 300 programs, 100 user
- 3 oscillators, 127 kinds
- LPF / HPF / BPF (18 types)
- Multi effects including echo, phaser, rotary + all standard
- 16 band vocoder
- Simple arpeggiator
- Semi-weighted keyboard, touch right
- Audio input
- Bonus taken a CV / gate out!


All access functions are well designed, arranged in a logical and clear manner. Knobs and the switch buttons are solid. It's easy to create sounds, all functions can be accessed directly, little or no menus and submenus via the screen, brief as most analog modeling synth.


The sounds are very "rich" and it sounds hot. Very accurate also. Obviously you will not find any of his trumpet, panpipes and other guitar ... The king is dedicated solely to electronic music, and he does a great job! For me there is nothing to throw away, yet he excelled in strings, lead, bass and keyboards. We can make beautiful tablecloths planing and soft :-)


I use it for a few months and I am very satisfied, it is not an entry-level contrary to what some think machine. Very well finished and robust, there is nothing to say on! Value / very good price. Its design is original but the color "champagne" can not appeal, I personally would have preferred a basic color like black or anthracite ...