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User Review

Good, effective, simple-yet-versatile fourtrack recorder - Reviews Yamaha MT400

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I picked up on of these relatively cheap. The competition from Tascam fetches much higher prices even in 2020 – undeservedly so, I think: This little Yamaha appears to be as good as the competition!

I want to use this recorder for two and a half purposes:
– simple quick recordings of ideas that vanish before I have booted up the DAW
– audio manipulation such as tape saturation, reverse playback effects, etc.
– for use as an auxiliary 6-channel submixer, if needed

The Yamaha does all this and more – I am discovering more tricks and uses all the time. Check out Youtube and similar sites for inspiration – these things can serve as:

– super-complex "oscillators" for modular synthesis
– echo effects
– tape saturation effects
– musical instrument (drones, playback tracks, etc.)

I used to have a similar recorder almost 20 years ago, by Tascam (but don't remember the model name). It was directly comparable to this machine, I would say. Maybe the Yamaha feels a bit "lighter", for lack of a better word, but the machine seems very well put together. Yamaha gear has *never* given me any trouble, and I don't expect this little recorder will, either.

The pros of this product are:

– highly intuitive,
– quick
– "good"-sounding recordings (if you like tape sound)
– more uses than I ever imagined

The cons of this product are:
– don't expect a limitless (but also soulless) DAW!