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User Review

Expensive but Sensational - Reviews Alesis A6 Andromeda

What is expensive is not the machine itself, but the functional coverage that can be drawn in relation to existing digital and digital solutions.

Concerning the characteristics, I deliver what can not easily find on the net.
I put some good and bad surprises.
-There is no possibility to modulate the level modulations themselves.
-It is not possible to combine the effects, the list is at best pre-configured totals (eg chorus + reverb hall not possible, you chorus + room imposed) by against pre-configured effects are very well measured, every time I'm near the ear income defaults, suddenly now I touch it except under extreme circumstances. (Better see this as a way to channel self not do anything on the effects).
-There is a mix effect, but can be assayed against the send programmatically in the mix.
(I say ca, because this is not the case for the Oberheim OB12 (450 euros), for which I often make the comparison)
-It is possible to modulate filter 1 with fm and noise or external audio or feedback
It transposes chord part and a side of the mod wheel is not registered in the programs
There is no legato button, go in envelopes and specify per envelope.
I have 2 voice 16 more "fragile" than the other, after 3 hours of use they are beginning to détunent despite the baktun on (roughly for that unit testing even after 15 minutes of voice warm enough not detect fragile voice, but I think I'm in the middle of the current andromeda)
-Opportunities to arp and seq same time! possibility of arp chord mode, that the chord notes + (with a sharp attack, it can make arpeggiés pads in one program!)
-The volume of different waveform of osc is not controllable (a square distinguished from the others)


I contradict all those who are taking intricate hand (average exploration one month)!
80% of the features were explored in half a day!

I also contradict those who deplore the ergonomics, I find it very logical and easily understandable.

There are still a few things a little difficult.
-Knobs are subject to extreme setting and it is difficult to achieve a precise value
sometimes pressing the two arrows at the same time help, but it does not work all the time
(Eg the keytracking it takes 50 or 0, then we would like the other value :))
-The fact that by some knobs at least do not attain their value not 0, suddenly compelled to finish with the arrow ...
Sham-generated by the knob for selecting the source matrix whose position is proportional to the last use, you can see the list, it is believed that is a side button on the knob and, well, we were not far ...

The real difficulty is rather on making knowledge of the behavior of the synth itself, for example be used to assay the filters (for it must know their sounds and have experience many situations). Thus, I have not managed to create formant alone, I had to go see the famous patch mod wheel yeah.
As a result,
Do not hesitate to see the presets manufacturers, there learning a lot.

The number of possibilities is that synthetic method can be easily lost when still too tough to achieve his goal.
You really need to know channel and keep it simple, the complexity must be requested last spring.


So, is that it sounds FAT, that gives 100% analog fat?
Needless to say this is the first test I did :)
A bite of gang saw with 16 votes (* 2osc and few sub) solicited and detuned with onions ... (long live the stack unison mode, a nice surprise that I adore :))

I have not compared with digital
I just compared it with my Oberheim OB12.

As surprising as it may seem, it sounds not fatter!
(For those who have doubts, I will not go dead hand ...)

on the other hand I think it sounds more "authentic" (this is the best word that can come to mind), it is as if it was more "real". It is difficult to describe.

This "authenticity" a huge impact on ... The game sensation!
The pleasure felt generates inspiration, we are surprised to play chords, modulations to do that would never "dare"! and it happens!

Versatility side, I've had two weeks, I made about 30 patches.
While I'm pretty tablecloth, this synth force you hand a little to go to guitar oriented sound.
Due to the volume of non-controllable waveforms, I struggled to make an organ sound, I used the chord octave to get out ... Average. (I retenterai)
In general, I find it less versatile than the Oberheim OB12 ... for now, because my learning curve is not finished.
Today I come to a more realistic piano sound (for my taste) that the famous Frankensteinway, which proves that the machine has under the hood ...


I know that two weeks is a bit early to give an opinion.
I think this is the time it takes to pass the phase of "regret" related to price / versatility.
At one point I hesitated for a prophet 08.
Now, I could not do without some features like stack unison mode that allows you to play as many notes as you want with the 16 votes squatted.
I have not tried the multi timbral (just did a test to confirm the use)
it me more personal patch need to be able to do.
I have not tried to make drum and bass patch.
Being rather greedy on the unison (I often met 3, which reduces the polyphony 5)
suddenly I hesitate to buy a Solaris :)