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User Review

nikko666's review - Roland SH-7

I am fortunate to have purchased at a reasonable price an SH-7, which arrived after two months of travel in Japan. It is in perfect condition, like new. Here are my impressions.
In performance is a monster mono with extensive possibilities, such as FM, AM, PM, Ring modulation, two CSOs, two LFOs, two Env, a mix Autobend an easy to use and very useful too rare or not found on mono.

These strengths are:
- Something extraordinary. Very nice, very easy to use and very strong!
- CSO a very special fate simulans in 32 ', 16', 87 ', 4' 2 ', which allows for unusual combinations of frequencies on other synths.
- A powerful resonant filter as an ARP Odyssey of an HPF chains.
- A good keyboard with a real wheel and a flexible routing.
- Autobend the extraordinary that can make sounds of lead unpublished.


What could be easier: 1 button = 1 function.


With regard to the sound, one must love. In fact it is a synth that is at odds with the Moog.
The sound is close to North lead with the recess side living What have only analog synths. That is to say: impossible to make a hot coffee and large, the sub bass to rattle the speakers.
This synth is designed to make sounds of lead. And it was this game fantastic. It cuts the mix and sends in the closet the Nord Lead. The autobend is fantastic because it allows you to attack types mouths (trumpets, horns, flutes) with an attack that gives a very short fishing no other synth can match.
The filter and CSOs create the perfect sound for the acid, for example.


It's a great synth. Very inspiring. You want to create it.
Shame it has no memories, and these possibilities are limited to leads and low acids. But here, he excels! In addition to a Moog or a Studio Electronics is ideal.
on the other hand I am a bit disappointed by its lack of heat that. Its price puts a can out of the reach of amateurs and homestudios, for book collectors and PRO. I must say that its conception, with its armored box, has kept a few copies in perfect condition, almost new ... the coast has increased between 2005 and 2006 to 2000 EUR 800 EUR ... So rare, expensive and collectible.