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User Review

Still relevant thanks to OSX 10.9 Maverick & SSD 500GB - Reviews Apple iMac 24' Core 2 Duo 2,93 Ghz

I use this iMac since 2009, first bought to process photos (Picasa, iPhoto and Aperture) with correct and calibrated screen, but incidentally also as computer music station (Garageband, Logic Pro, Cubase). Meanwhile, it has become the main PC for the whole family (PC "booth") and he is not ready to be replaced.

After a few years, start the app became slower, even switch between soft minimized! But as the update Maverick became free, I also wanted to give a makeover by replacing the classic 640 GB per disk SSD 500 GB (300 euro anyway). I hesitate to replace the RAM with 8 GB .. Because, since the shift, my iMac has become super fast!

I had private PC before this, but with the anti-virus and small hardware compatibility issues (firewire chipset, etc.) I abandoned this idea.
And especially as a computer on PC the day, I made a good work-private split with this purchase.
Obviously, we have to accept Apple's closed world. Neither Microsoft nor Google are best in my opinion.

Only problem is that some app is not 100% identical on Mac, such as Office 2008 for Mac from Office PC.
But there is a solution: Install a Fusion Virtual machine with Windows 7 (my preference). Alternatively Paralles install windows 7.
Another complaint: the price of a new Mac is quite high, although the end of the series there is way to have fun. But the life of a Mac (compared to a PC), there is no picture!

Strengths that remain in my mind: stability (it just works), large screen (Camera), soft drinks (mini-display, firewire 800) original (GarageBand), connectivity, integration with iPod and iPhone. ..

A remake without hesitation.