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Unique - Reviews Jabrudian Industries LLC Missing Link

The Missing Link is a "standalone" interface (ie does not need to be connected to a computer) that converts OSC messages to MIDI and vice versa. It has a MIDI port (for input or output) and a USB port (also used as input or output). It generates its own Wi-Fi 802.11b with WEP security, WPA or WPA2. She was, at the time, delivered without AC adapter, item I ordered more, online, on the same site equipment manufacturer (Jabrudian Industries).


The general configuration is done using the free edition of Touch OSC, computer software version. This application allows users to create their own "layouts" for use with Touch OSC paid applications for your iPhone or iPad, can connect to the "Missing Link" and change its configuration.

There is no manual that comes with the "Missing Link" because its functions are fairly simple and easy to set up as described above.


No installation required, if not the free Touch OSC Editor on a PC or MAC.

Any inconsistency, the manufacturer even offers regular updates of free and accessible on their website firmware. These updates are also through the Touch OSC Editor.


I did very little used because it is a "impulse buy." I realized later that the artists I work with have all ways need to keep a computer on stage for other applications and therefore have no need to use this product.

This is a unique interface of its kind, very stable and efficient. EC that I appreciate most is the ability to get rid of a computer to Controller from machines CSOs or MIDI, all wireless!

The price / quality ratio seems excellent and if I had to be brought to meet the artists who chechent the functionality I would recommend them not to waste time in long and tedious research, but rather to directly acquire a "Missing Link".