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User Review

A killer! - Reviews Ampeg Classic SVT-CL

I think the characteristics of the head are known to all.


Use could not be more simple. You plug it sounds. The equalizers (three in number) are easy to use. To get a good sound, well I say it's like all the amps, it requires research. After the equalizer is quite simple (Bass, mid, high), suddenly it is quite easy compared to others.


The sound! A killer! A grain, round and warm sound, which is currently well that I asked (rock). To see over time, other styles that happens.
I coupled with a 410HLF. It sends severe. I play a 5 string fender american deluxe, I found the perfect 5th chord, low as it should, without puking. I also use a Boss ME-50B pedal.
For the moment nothing to complain about.


I'm all for a few months. The budget for this type of amp is when therefore mm (1600 € for the head), but I'm not disappointed. Let's say I was stuck by her.
Cons: like say and repeat the weight! But it's good for I am ready to get tired back. And adjusting the bias, although facilitated by two screws.
I would do this choice without hesitation.