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User Review

Baxter_x's review - Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

For CHARACTERISTICS, simply go to the website.
Even when I post a quick résumé from Site:

RMS Power Output: 300-Watts x 2 / 900 (mono-bridged @ 8 Ohms)
RMS Power Output: 490-Watts x 2 / 1200 (mono-bridged @ 4 Ohms)
RMS Power Output (2 Ohms): 600-Watts x 2
Preamp: Tubes (3 x 12AX7)
Power Amp: Solid State


I have long used SWR (SM-400).

THE FIRST thing I did when trying the head for the first time I had t dbarrasser SVT sound that I can not stand. As a result I get my sound.

It is from this moment that I realized the possibilities of the head. It's, I want to say, infinite) I find my Mrs. Russ's SWR perfection ... Yet the philosophy Ampeg and SWR well diffrent

I think this amp can make any sound Search. The challenge is to find such a great opportunities. That's his weakness and his strength.

The connection is not left with the possibility of him put 4 8 * 10 derrire!
It often descends to 2 ohms 1600W power. Question SVT4 the power is comparable V8 engine. If you need more, it's not an amp for you but a Physicians;)

I use it with 2 baffles 4 * 10 SWR GOLIATH home.


Here is my current gear:

Fender Deluxe Precision V-US
Ampeg Pro SVT4 (recess)
Two 4 * 10 SWR Goliath III

For my part, I dbarrass as soon as possible thanks SVT sound EQ parameter.
Fat to the lens, everything goes. And when I say fat is fat! For the Mtal, a must see! Heavy and powerful.
I also like the slap banging like a whip. No problem, powerful torque to the head of my SWR tweeter could make more of a fade. Just give it a little mdium of acute and may (again thanks to EQ)


To conclude:

Do not drop the search for the DSIR. You will find test conditions.

One last nice thing: you can attach to pedals gnriques CONTRL the head, no need to buy pedals manufacturer (as in Mesa by xample)