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User Review

excellent amp head! - Reviews Ampeg SVT-7 Pro

Value For Money : Excellent
Tube preamp, Class D amplifier, 1000W into 4 ohms and 600w into 8 ohms. For the back part we have:
2 Speakon speaker outputs, or jack, a tuner output, an effects loop, power amp in one and a preampout, a DI with post / pre EQ, 0db and-40db and gnd / lift, one for input and a switch for voltage.
Regarding the front panel:
input, LED indicating the peak or mute, a mute switch and a switch-15db, led a treshold, a knob compression, gain a knob, switch and ultra hi low switch, a knob 40hz bass, midrange a knob, a midrange frequency knob 5 positions (220hz/450hz/800hz/1.6khz/3khz) and a knob treble 4kHz, a knob fx / mix, a master, a headphone jack, an LED on and the power button.


The setup is very simple and the manual (in English) explains everything you need to know in one 10 pages.
It happens to have a good sound quickly, with all knob zero, it sounds horrible.


I play in a cover band and composed pop / rock with a touch of reggae and punk / grunge. I use this head ampeg ampeg cabs with 2, and the svt410he svt12he for bass I have a fender jazz bass us. I use no effects.
At the sound a lot like the AC series models svt3, and svt4 svt6.
She released a rock sound with that particular grain ampeg we like it or not, love me! I hate the sound lens and AC is great, this is not the forte of this svt7 pro. I prefer when there are good bass and nice low midrange.
By pushing the gain into a corner you get a very nice overdrive.
Equalizer is average and you have to push the knobs to hear a change in sound.


I head for 2 months and the rate of 2 concerts a week I have been able to test it. She has a very good sound, it is lightweight (7kg) very powerful (1000w) there is a compressor that does its job, the preamplifier is a lamp and then it's a ampeg!
The only downside is the equalizer which is average.
I had several head amp in the hands, hh electronic, Hartke, markbass, svt3 ampeg pro, ampeg svt 4 pro, ashdown abm300 and mag300.
I do it again without hesitation that choice and value for money is good.
For the bass player who often plays (which is my case) and who loves his rock and ampeg, it is perfect.
Given its power it will provide that the cash well cabs